Asus Zenbook 3 is MacBook killer, say wishful thinkers [and dirty jet]

Asus announces Zenbook 3. Thinner, lighter, more powerful than MacBook. But Windows.

Asus Zenbook 3

Asus Zenbook 3 launches at Computex 2016 -- on paper, the hardware's better than a MacBook. It'll have a faster processor, bigger display, lighter case, more storage, and a lower starting price.

But it's still a Windows PC at heart. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers love to circulate. 

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Cleaning Echo-Golf

What’s the craic? Devindra Hardawar takes a short, hard look, saying it's thinner, lighter and faster than the MacBook:

ZenBook 3...its flagship ultraportable...announced today at Computex, clocks in at just 2 pounds and...0.46 inches thick [which is] remarkable when you consider just how insanely thin and light the previous model was. [And it] edges out Apple's svelte MacBook, which weighs 2.03lbs and is...0.52 inches thick [yet it has] a larger 12.5-inch display.

Unlike the MacBook, the ZenBook 3 won't be under-powered. ... You'll be able to configure it with an Intel Core i7...16GB of RAM and a 1TB PCIe SSD. ... The ZenBook 3 packs in a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port...and it should last around 9 hours of typical battery life. ... There's also a built-in fingerprint sensor with Windows Hello.

From what I can remember, though, the MacBook's keyboard simply felt better. ... The ZenBook 3 will start at $ can add a Core i7 processor, 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM for $1,999.

What just happened? Jamie Condliffe says Asus Just Announced a MacBook Clone:

[It's] a super skinny new MacBook rival. ... Asus has taken a fairly drastic approach to slimming down the new version.

Will it set the world on fire? Microsoft's Mollie Ruiz-Hopper really-hopes so—ASUS announces new Windows 10 PCs:

These devices offer a wide variety Windows 10 features to take advantage of. ... They’re incredibly thin and light, making them perfect for working from anywhere.

[It] will be available in...Royal Blue, Rose Gold and Quartz Grey. ... A special 2-phase anodizing process...create[s] stunning golden highlights on the diamond-cut edges. [It] will be available...this Summer.

Any more speeds 'n' feeds? Here's Ian Cutress—ASUS Announces the Zenbook 3:

Computex is already a whirlwind of announcements even for day zero. ... No release date was placed, but the specification list and feature set puts it squarely in line to compete.

Featuring a full Core i7-6500U...15W Skylake-U processor means that the memory is limited to LPDDR3 [and] 1.35V rather than 1.2V, but the faster 2133 MT/s memory should assist...speed. [It] will have a 40 Wh battery, which ASUS rates for 9 hours...but offers Quick Charge 3. [Asus claims] 60% battery charge in 49 minutes.

ASUS didn’t specify release dates. ... Pricing is yet to be finalized.

Compare and contrast with Tuesday's MacBook Pro rumor. rogifan did:

I do find it curious though that Apple gets knocked for its obsession with thin and light yet when a competitor releases something that's thinner/lighter it doesn't draw the same criticism. This device only has one usb-c port yet all the tech articles so far are just drooling over the fact that it's thinner than the MacBook (I guess thin is a good thing now).

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