'Delayed' MacBook Pro 2016 to be thinner (says bored analyst)

Top of line finally to get refresh. Tim teases thin things.

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The MacBook Pro 2016 line will be thinner and lighter. Shocking, I know -- but they'll also have Touch ID and a bunch of OLED soft keys, atop the keyboard.

The bad news: The original plan for Q3 has slipped to Q4. All this comes from our (ahem) "favorite" leaky analyst, KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo. Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers totes tote totemic rumors. Not to mention: Pianoforte Ringtones

What’s the craic? Take a Chance Miller, for example: [You're fired -Ed.]

According to...analyst Ming-Chi Kuo...and corroborated by our sources, Apple plans...a new “thinner and lighter” design [with] Touch ID support and a new OLED...touch bar above the keyboard. [They] will come to both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. [They] are said to feature USB-C...and Thunderbolt 3.

A report from March said that Apple was looking to...July. But it now looks as if we won’t see [them] until the fourth quarter.

He's in his salad days. It's Romain Dillet—The new MacBook Pro could feature a Touch ID sensor and an OLED mini screen:

[The] MacBook Pro...thickness is constrained by the ports. ... The answer is USB-C. ... Apple could also switch to the USB-C design for Thunderbolt [and] take advantage of a USB-C port to drop the MagSafe.

Apple is also thinking about adding a Touch ID sensor [which] could also open other possibilities, such as Apple Pay. [And] Apple could be adding a tiny OLED touchscreen [which] would feature shortcuts and could change depending on the app. [It] will feature the new Intel Skylake processors.

He doesn't draw strength from being mean. But he's Husain Sumra—2016 MacBook Pro:

[It] will be helped by new metal injection mold-made hinges. ... The top-of-the-line [will get] AMD's new 400-series Polaris graphics chips.

From soup to nuts. Here's Mikey Campbell—thinner MacBook Pro models in Q4:

The long-awaited redesign will also feature exotic technologies. ... Previous Apple patents have outlined illuminated touch controls. ... The company also owns IP relating to in-key displays.

To help keep thickness at a minimum, Apple plans...low-rise butterfly mechanism switches. [It'll] further blur the lines between the company's MacBook pedigrees. ... Kuo says [the] upgrades will be the most significant in four years.

Wait. Did you say butterfly? Small White Car swears:

*** **** it. They'd better not. ... The butterfly keyboard [is for] the "cheap and ******" ones.

Are they really delusional enough to think those things are suitable? ... I really hope this rumor isn't true.

And what about this delay? Markiie ain't impressed:

Well, this puts a damper on things. 4th quarter? I was hoping Ol' Timmy would drop the bomb and say, "You can place orders for the new MacBook pros" [at] WWDC.

And Finally…

Cellphone Ringtones Played On The Piano, arr. Tony Ann
[hat tip: David Pescovitz]

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