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This paper mill has just installed a new mainframe -- but a pilot fish on the scene observes that something seems to be missing.

"I noticed that the mainframe did not have an uninterruptible power supply, and mentioned it to the IT manager," says fish.

"He said not to worry -- the plant had two separate power lines from the electric company coming from different directions. In addition, the plant created its own power as part of the paper-making process. The power had never gone out before, and he didn't think it would happen in the future.

"It being summer in the southeastern U.S., there were afternoon thunderstorms a couple weeks later -- and out went the power. The outage was only for a minute, but it was several hours before the mainframe was completely rebooted and back up.

"The result? By the time I left the company a year later...well, a UPS still hadn't been installed."

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