Heck, we're just happy it didn't burst into flames

User marches up to this IT pilot fish's desk with a piece of equipment in her hand -- and she's clearly not happy.

"She told me, 'IT gave me this surge protector a couple weeks ago and it doesn't work,'" fish says. "Despite the obvious questions forming in my mind, I reached out and took the surge and gave it a physical inspection.

"I know it's possible to receive pieces of faulty hardware every now and then, but there was no obvious physical damage -- no burn marks, cut cable, bent plug or anything like that.

"When I flicked the on/off switch, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a look of shock slowly forming on her face.

"She took back the surge protector back from me and said, 'You know that I'm blonde.' You and Ms. Clairol..."

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