OK, maybe that wasn't the best idea after all

This IT contractor is working at a big company that uses lots of consultants from the same contract broker -- and he's tired of the consulting grind, says a pilot fish in the know.

"He found another job and left, and the manager he had worked for at the big company was sorry to see him leave," fish says. "The manager approached him about taking a job at the big company, they came to terms, and the former contractor gave notice at his new company and started on the payroll at the big company."

Sometime later, the regional manager for the contract broker is visiting the big company and he happens to run into the ex-contractor -- which does not make him happy, since the contract with the big company specifies that clients can't hire contractors away from the contract broker.

On the other hand, the regional manager also figures it would be a bad idea to sue the big company over the contract violation, considering how much the broker is making from all the other consultants still working there.

Regional manager's brilliant idea: Sue the ex-contractor instead.

"Upon getting served with the lawsuit, the ex-contractor went to his boss at the big company and showed him the paperwork," says fish. "Boss called the regional manager and complained about his employee being sued. Regional manager explained the situation.

"Boss then explained the situation himself: 'If you want to sue our employee, all of your contracts will be terminated immediately and your company blacklisted.'

"The lawsuit was withdrawn with many apologies from the regional manager to everyone involved."

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