Report: CIOs face 'massive gap' in talent acquisition

CIOs are eager to ramp up hiring but admit they lack a robust talent pipeline. In this free report from the CIO Executive Council, three CIOs offer their approaches to filling the talent gap.

Only 11 percent of IT executives said they have a “robust” talent acquisition pipeline, according to a recent survey of 133 IT executives conducted by the CIO Executive Council (CEC). That’s a big problem in an increasingly competitive talent market, where corporate IT shops compete not only with each other for talent but also with cloud vendors and Silicon Valley.

“While IT leaders are very interested and focused on hiring talented individuals, there is a massive gap between the desire to recruit and [the actual] capabilities to attract and acquire qualified people,” according to the CEC.

A recent CEC webcast, titled “IT Talent, Decoded,” explored solutions to this challenge. Participants included CIOs Bill McCorey (at Universal Parks & Resorts) Frank Sirianni (at Fordham University) and Peter Weis (at Matson Navigation Co.).

To learn more, download this free report on the webcast’s highlights.

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