It's Monday. Do you know where your users are?

This company makes it especially challenging for users to get email messages out of quarantine -- for some pretty obvious spam- and malware-related reasons, says an IT pilot fish there.

"But as some legitimate emails make their way into quarantine, getting them out is not impossible," she says.

"I got an email forwarded from a user -- one who should know better -- that the user had extracted from quarantine. It was obviously a virus, as it was a bogus invoice from overseas from an obviously bogus company, with an attachment.

"The user asked, 'From quarantine. Can't open, what is this?'

"After smacking my forehead and groaning, I sent her a new email (because I did not want to have it continuing to float around), saying 'It is either spam or a virus. Do not open it -- just delete it.'

"Her reply: 'I did try to open it and got an error.'

"Yes, she pulled a suspicious email out of quarantine and not only opened the message but the attachment as well.

"I did check her computer, and the antivirus program had already quarantined the virus.

"I ran a virus scan as per procedure, but I'm glad the antivirus software did its job because I did not want to spend my morning manually cleaning a virus off the computer of a user who's clearly not quite back from the weekend!"

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