Review: Hot cloud-based tools for Wi-Fi hotspot management

Cucumber Tony, SputnikNet, Tanaza deliver management support for multi-vendor wireless networks.

Hot cloud-based tools for Wi-Fi hotspot management
Amira Elgan

Wi-Fi hardware vendors are coming out with new cloud-based solutions, primarily to ease the remote management of wireless networks. However, they typically only support their own hardware. Here we take a look at three cloud-based solutions that support wireless routers and access points from multiple vendors.

We reviewed Cucumber Tony, SputnikNet, and Tanaza. All are designed with public Wi-Fi hotspot operators in mind, enabling the remote management of basic wireless settings and captive portal configuration with customizable splash screens and hotspot authentication methods.

The pricing schemes vary, so the best bang for your buck depends upon your particular network. If you’re looking for a free solution, Cucumber Tony would be a great choice for smaller networks for both the private and public Wi-Fi.

If locations typically only need one wireless router to provide adequate Wi-Fi, then Tanaza’s per access-point pricing would be best. However, if your location needs three or more access points, SputnikNet would be more cost effective. If there’s more than a dozen or two access points in total, consider the premium services from Cucumber Tony.

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