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The things that are hard for enterprise would surprise you...

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We've all heard that Apple is strongly targeting the enterprise opportunity. Back in the day, Apple was the brand that students and the creative-types used. Times have changed and most enterprise workers hanker for a little bit of fruity love.

But the issue has always been that there is something of a dearth of offerings that help with all the detailed enterprise-level stuff that those organizations need. All the things that sound like a foreign language to consumers and small business, but that are critical requirements for enterprises.

A case in point is the ability to give end users a predetermined set of applications on their devices. While it may seem pretty trivial to many, setting up individual applications on each device becomes a huge task when approached within a multi-hundred thousand user deployment. Half an hour per device soon adds up to a massive amount of time and cost.

Which is why JAMF, a specialist Apple-device management vendor, exists.

Since 2002, JAMF Software has been solely focused on helping organizations succeed with Apple. Pretty prescient when one considers what the adoption of Apple devices was within enterprises back then. Today JAMF boasts of over 7,000 customers managing 5.5 million individual Apple devices.

JAMF's Bushel Apple device management platform is now extending through additional functionality to allow users to customize and deploy both applications themselves and device and application settings all from one place. "Blueprints" are a key device management tool for JAMF customers. With Bushel users can:

  • Preconfigure Settings: This includes email, device security and Wi-Fi networks to specific devices by creating a Blueprint applicable to those devices. Within that Blueprint, users can mix and match settings to build as many different configurations as needed for a group of Apple devices and automatically apply changes to all devices associated with a Blueprint.
  • Preassign App Deployment: Blueprints enables organizations to customize the apps on Apple devices based on specific industry deployments. Whether it’s a group of iPads being used for Point-of-Sale retail applications or a set of devices used by an accounting team, Blueprints take the stress out of managing an app deployment.
  • Conduct faster, easier out-of-the-box deployments: When integrated with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, Blueprints can be preassigned to devices with preconfigured settings and apps, enabling true out-of-the-box deployment. Users can hit the ground running with the settings and apps they need to be productive as soon as they unwrap a new iPad, iPhone or Mac. Bushel provides businesses with the hands-off ability to ensure that all devices have everything the user needs in order to be successful in their job.

“The vast app ecosystem is a leading driver of Mac and iOS adoption in the workplace. With 1.5 million apps in the App Store, employees are using Mac, iPad and iPhone to reimagine how work gets done. Companies need an efficient way to distribute the right apps to the right people while maintaining security and settings,” said Dean Hager, CEO of JAMF Software. “By empowering companies to deploy both different settings and apps to different devices, the Blueprint functionality within Bushel gives employees the tools they need to be efficient, strategic, and ultimately transformative.”

Blueprints is a free addition to the Bushel platform. Bushel is free for up to three devices and thereafter costs $2 per month for each device.

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