Microsoft Windows phone biz is dead -- here is clear proof

Q3 results are an awful read for Microsoft Windows Phone phans. Do you wish to register a complaint?

Microsoft's Windows Phone is clearly dead. Redmond's already-bad Windows Phone sales plummeted over the last year to a mere 26% of what they were -- this is simply, spectacularly execrable.

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Windows Mobile née Windows Phone has ceased to be, despite every hilarious protest from the Northeast pet store. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers told ya so. 

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your edutainment. Not to mention: A heartfelt Prince tribute

What’s the craic? Brad Sams calls the time of death—Dismal Windows Phone Sales for Q3:

Microsoft has released their earnings report for...third quarter fiscal. ... The news is not good.

Windows Phone revenue decreased...47%. [Microsoft] needs to figure out [how] to stop the significant cash-drain [of] Windows Phone.

Ah, yes, the Redmond Blue. What's wrong with it? Ian Betteridge says it's Not pretty:

If you're a fan of Windows Phone...look away. [Microsoft] sold just 2.3 million Lumia devices...a 73% decline from [Q3] last year.

Other areas of [the] earnings report were much more positive. ... The biggest success for Microsoft...was its push into the cloud.

Windows Phone sales [are] a vanishingly small percentage of the overall market. [It] must call into question the product's continued existence. ... It's difficult to see [it] having a future.

It's dead. That's what's wrong with it. Even Mary Jo Foley agrees—Why I broke up with Windows Phone:

I'm no longer part of the one percent. ... My Lumia Icon is now in a desk drawer.

A couple months ago, I test the growing number of Microsoft apps...on Android. ... I didn't miss [the] pit-in-the-stomach feeling that an app I...need would often not be available.

Notifications on Android have weaned me from my Live Tile dependence. [But] what I don't like about my Android phone [are the] Microsoft apps and services. ... I'm not convinced...that Microsoft's...UWP strategy will fix the app-gap problem.

No, no. It's resting. Tristan Irwin argues the case for the defense:

UWP is more of a big picture answer. ... Eventually Windows will have the app get more than a fanboy user base.

Microsoft’s tablet OS business is doing pretty well. ... UWP is a better platform for that...and developers CAN save time and money.

How long it’s gonna take...I’m not sure. ... MS has been working on this transition long before smart phones existed.

We know a dead platform when we see one. And Nicole Lee's looking at one right now—Microsoft's phone business is in free fall:

To no one's surprise, Microsoft isn't turning...a profit from its phone business. ... Sadly, this is an ongoing trend; [in Q2] it reported a...sales drop by...54 percent. ... Satya Nadella's decision to push...the cloud may have saved the company.

Beautiful plumage? As Iain Thomson quips, It's all fine, says Microsoft:

Microsoft is putting a brave face on [a] disappointing [Q3]. In after-hours trading, Microsoft's shares dropped by nearly 4 per cent.

"We had a solid quarter," said CEO Satya Nadella. ... "Our continued operational and financial discipline drove solid results,"...said Amy Hood, Redmond's CFO.

Update: We still seem to be dancing around the issue somewhat. Chris Merriman makes merry with Germanic sausage punnage, calling it Nok-wurst:

Microsoft' platform continues its freefall into oblivion. ... But let's face it: [Microsoft] isn't exactly short of money for the vending machine.

Microsoft blamed the rate of tax it has to pay. ... Next you'll be reassuring us that...if you look on Bing Maps, there is no Panama. where the borkage lies. ... Surprise, surprise, it's phones. ... The actual demand for Windows Phone? ... Microsoft doesn't release that information. But holy frijholes it's low.

And Finally…

Dalton Cyr's heartfelt Prince tribute

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