6 great iOS apps for social media addicts

6 apps to make your social media sing

There are so many social media addicts these days and with the addiction being so real it’s no big surprise to discover numerous apps designed to ensure you remain unable to let go.

The ultimate social media keyboard

AIR for iPhone is the world’s only social media keyboard for iOS. When installed it pops up as an alternative keyboard that you use like these. The app offers a bunch of useful content creation and sharing features for social media addicts (or, I guess, marketers). These include image editing and watermarking, content management, typing shortcuts and more. It will connect with your social networks and address book and is a great way to quickly create compelling content for your followers across multiple platforms, take a look.

Stay informed

HootSuite has carved out a position as the leading Social Media Management tool. Use it to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook (profiles and pages), LinkedInWordPress, Foursquare and Google+ networks using one tool. There’s a host of features, not least the ability to schedule future posts and more, though the solution is expensive and may not be for everyone. (Free and up).


Cloze kind of collects what your friends and contacts are doing from across all your social networks (Evernote, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more) and combines them into an easy to manage stream. The solution also includes algorithms designed to identify and monitor your favorite people, and can also do intelligent things such as telling you exactly where you were last time you were in touch with people, providing context from Evernote, email, calls, social, documents and past meetings. That’s particularly useful in meetings when Cloze will gather this infor for you for every attendee. There are some pretty useful advanced features, too. (Free, advanced features cost up to $13.33/m)

Make your own meme…

If you’re both someone who has great ideas for memes and an eye for a decent image and are also insanely busy, then you may get a kick from Meme Generator. This easy to use app lets you quickly combine words with images and then share them all from within the app. The app is free but you need to cough up cold hard cash to get rid of the annoying ads. (Free ish). Other apps that may fit this ticket include Replay and Cinematic.

Telling stories, beautifully

Winner of an Apple Design Award in 2014, Storehouse does a great job equipping you with the tools you need to turn your collections of photos and videos into beautiful and shareable stories you can then inject inside your social media feeds. You can add up to 50 photos and videos taken from your Camera Roll, Instagram, Flickr & Dropbox and share them through social media, blogs or privately via SMS or email. (Free).

Control the addiction

Finally an app for social media addicts who want to bring their addiction under control. Moment tracks how you use your iPhone during the day so you can easily find out how much time you spend using the Apple device. You can set time limits to iPhone use – useful if you’re one of the 44 percent of people who say they get anxious and irritable if they don’t check their smartphone. (Free)

Bonus item: Check Cyfe...

At the very top end of the market, Cyfe is the key social media (and everything else) monitoring system used by the biggest brands to monitor all the ebbs and flurries of the social business and beyond. The company describes Cyfe as an all-in-one business dashboard app that monitors everything, from Website traffic to social media feeds. It also pulls data in from tools including Salesforce, creates all kinds of reports and, frankly this powerful tool seems to provide an impressive quantity of social and other stats designed to put your business ahead of the digital transformation. Available for all operating systems, mobile devices and browsers this is a powerful solution. (Free to try, $19/m premium).

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