HTC 10 order page live at just $599. Flagship with surprising twist

HTC 10 reviews are in. Look at the bevels on that.

The HTC 10 is HTC's latest shiny, and you can pre-order it now, at $100 off. With a classy design, the flagship phone brings the ABCs -- awesome audio, big battery, clear cameras -- and, uh, sort-of-stock Android.

Time for one of Richi's review roundups, I think. [Developing story. Updated 8:49 am, 1:24 pm, 3:43 pm, and 10:17 am PT with more comment]

It's $700, but you can get it at $600 "for a limited time." And it has a unique feature -- one that no other Android phone can boast. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers review and ruminate.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Why work is easier than love

What’s the craic? Goodnight, Mark Walton—A return to form, or too little too late?:

It isn't some grand reinvention. [It] is the result of years of refinement. [It's] a solid, well-designed smartphone.

[It] sports a Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB of RAM. ... There's an SD card slot that supports...adoptable storage. ... Promised battery life is up to two days. ... 5.2-inch 1440p display. ... Fingerprint sensor that a home button.

I really like the way it looks. ... The bevelled edge...helps the phone to feel much slimmer. ... Build quality is...excellent.

I've taken some pictures [and] they look good. ... The simpler camera UI is a marked improvement...while still offering a fully manual mode and...12-bit RAW.

My absolutely favourite feature of the HTC 10 is its audio. ... The HTC 10 features...a 24-bit DSP and DAC. ... It sounded excellent.

How's the software? Andrew Orlowski quips—Flagship goes full Google:

Long gone are the days when HTC bundled ambitious offerings...or even tried to impose over Android. ... And at first sight it's indistinguishable from stock.

HTC continues with its own Dialer, Contacts and Messaging. ... But its excellent Gallery app...has been retired in favour of Google’s Photos. ... It’s the first non-Apple phone to license Apple’s AirPlay.

What will previous HTC owners think? Joshua Vergara takes his first look:

This is the day HTC fans have been waiting for! ... That gorgeous all-metal construction is still around. [But] one of the front-facing speakers is gone...moved to the bottom of the phone...right next to the USB Type C port. .. This is supposed to provide fuller and richer sound.

HTC [says] 30 minutes of quick charging (QC 3.0) [gives] a full day of battery life. ... The HTC 10 also enjoys 4K video recording. ... The front camera...boasts 5 MP...f/1.8 [and] optical image stabilization.

[It] is available for pre-orders...and should be shipping in early May. ... The unlocked edition will cost $699.

But but but. It's still no Nexus, says ehfz:

HTC...should also reach out to Google and...offer to be the permanent "Nexus" device maker. ... I’m simply never going to buy an Android phone that isn’t a Nexus. ... What could differentiate them more...than teaming make pure Android phones?

And and and. It's missing an important feature, says Brenda McViking:

No removable battery = dead brick after 2 years [and] a guarantee to kill the phone if it gets wet. ... If HTC thought they might revive their fortune...I can't see it.

Update 1: It's available from all networks, right? Todd Haselton has bad news—AT&T won’t sell new HTC 10:

It’ll be sold by Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile in the U.S. ... Last year’s One M9 has largely been viewed as a dud. Did [it] scare AT&T away?

“We encourage AT&T customers to purchase [it] directly from,” HTC said in a statement. ... It’s possible [they] have some sort of special deal worked out.

Who can mix us some metaphors? Alex Cranz can

HTC is thirsty for your dollars. [And] it actually has a new idea:..Airplay. That allows it to stream to the Apple TV. [It's] the only Android phone that can.

While Samsung works very hard to compete with Apple...and LG rolls try innovative gimmicks, HTC is standing there [with] a glossy smile on its lips, and a hungry look.

Update 2: Did you say $700? How about $600, asks John Anon—Pre-Order The HTC 10 With This Code:

Earlier today, HTC took the wraps off...the HTC 10. ... You should be expecting to pay...$699 for the 32GB model

However, you can save yourself some money. ... HTC is looking to help fuel early pre-orders a little. ... You can pick the handset up for only $599. ... Use coupon code HTC1008 when checking out.

Update 3: What do the camera experts think? Edoardo Maggio channels DxOMark’s camera ranking:

HTC...has often struggled trying to deliver a compelling camera experience. [But] the camera experts over at DxOMark...results seem nothing short of excellent.

[It] is currently the number one phone...sitting next to the Galaxy S7. ... The Galaxy S7 edge earned an 88 both and video...the 10 ranked at 88 and 86. [It] seems to be a generally excellent all-rounder.

What about our neighbors to the north? Cory McNutt reports it's Coming Exclusively To Bella>:

HTC... has decided to sell...exclusively through Bell. The Glacier Silver the only color. [But] the Unlocked version is compatible with Telus, Rogers, Bell, Koodo, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Wind Mobile, Videotron and Sasktel.

Update 4: a day or two on, where are the more considered viewpoints? Stefan Etienne thinks it is solid, but consumers need to be convinced:

It has been a while since I was excited to review an HTC. ... The problem is [not], “can HTC make a great phone?”...but “can HTC sell great phones?”

For nearly a week...I made the HTC 10 my daily driver. ... So, what is it like to live with an HTC 10? ... It’s neat. ... The HTC 10 is what everyone wants from a smartphone...but for me it lacks excitement.

[It] has what it needs to be really good. ... There’s a lot of’s powered by Qualcomm’s best...Sense has never been so stripped-down...battery life is strong. ... But it’s not an exciting device to use.

However, there’s never been a better time to buy an Android phone. ... Now convince us all that we need it.

And Finally…

A philosopher writes: Work is Easier Than Love

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