Apple iOS 9.3 is here -- download now, or wait for bugs to be fixed in 9.3.1?

Apple iOS 9.3 is ready for your iPhone or iPad. But given the recent 9.0.1, 9.0.2 and 9.2.1 fix fests, are you sure you want to live on the bleeding edge?

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Apple iOS 9.3 release is here, so go download and update your iPhone or iPad, right now, this minute. But wait, perhaps you should pause until the bleeding-edgers have done it first -- remember the 9.2 débâcle?

Not that anyone would dare suggest Apple's QA has gone to hell in a handcart. No, no, perish the thought, gentle reader.

In IT Blogwatch, impatient bloggers melt Apple's CDN. Not to mention: How does AlphaGo beat the best Go players?

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. [Developing story: Updated 9:25 am PT with more comment]

What's the craic? Roll me over, Juli Clover—Apple Releases iOS 9.3:

[It's] the third significant update to the iOS 9 operating system since it launched in September. ... iOS 9.3 introduces several new functions, important bug fixes, and feature refinements.

Night Shift [is] designed to reduce the amount of blue light iOS users are exposed to in the evening. [It] can be set to turn on automatically at sunset or it can be manually toggled.

Several apps are gaining new Quick Actions: Weather, Settings, Compass, Health, App Store, and iTunes Store. ... Settings, for example, offers quick access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Battery.

Apple News users will find better...recommendations, more frequent video, and a landscape view. ... Verizon Wireless subscribers can now use Wi-Fi calling. ... An iPhone running iOS 9.3 can support multiple Apple Watches.

Along with the...additions, there are numerous...minor tweaks, performance improvements, and bug fixes. ... The update comes with a long list of release notes. .

Tell me more. Federico Viticci rounds up his Collection of New Features and Tidbits:

After the generally positive response to iOS 9...few were expecting Apple to bring more features...ahead of WWDC and...iOS 10. ... iOS 9.3 feels like the Director's Cut of iOS 9.

The marquee addition in iOS 9.3 is Night Shift. [It] follows the somewhat controversial shutdown of f.lux sideloading.

Apple is bringing minor, but welcome new options to Notes. [Notably] the ability to secure notes with a password and Touch ID. [Also] the ability to switch all images in a note to a smaller thumbnail view. ... You can now swipe with two fingers on a sketch to navigate across all sketches contained in a note. ... And, notes can be sorted...but it's hidden in the Settings app.

Apple Watch users glad to know Apple brought Activity and Workout cards to Health. ... There's no other meaningful addition in Health. ... I hope iOS 10 will bring a refresh in this area.

While iOS 9.3 doesn't fix any of the current major issues of Apple brings some minor improvements. ... Apps can add Apple Music tracks to a user's library and play them. ... I suspect it'll be implemented by music utilities like Shazam or Musixmatch. [But] adding local audio files...remains one of the longstanding limitations of iOS.

Surely by now, someone's predicting Apple's total annihilation? Jason Perlow tries, with the iPhone apocalypse and the end of Apple:

[Apple is] an incredibly wealthy company...but growth in its core business of slowing quickly. [In] key developing markets, [it's] giving up increasingly more share to more price-aggressive Chinese products.

Apple of course has undergone these shifts and survived extinction events. [But] what it did to the PC industry...China will do to what is Apple's core business. ... This is not Apple's comfort zone. ... Apple loses on the playground every time one of these battles occur.

What Apple does do well is innovate with new products. ... The Apple of tomorrow will not resemble the Apple of today.

Who's happy right now? Chase Butler is, that's who:


So do it now, or wait for later? Let's hear from this pseudonymous tweep:

I keep hitting "remind me later" for the iOS update. ... I just realized that's kinda symbolic of how I generally handle life.

OK, but what about the inevitable bugs? dak's got your back:

Can't wait for iOS 9.3 to finish installing so i can see all the new features which will also allow me to download iOS 9.3.1 next week.

Update: There are of course good arguments to update now. Robert "unabashed nerd" Pleasant talks about the iOS 9.3 update for iMessage security flaw:

With today’s release of iOS 9.3, Apple has patched up a bug in the iMessage encryption...that could compromise pictures and videos. ... With this security hole, hackers can break the encryption...over iMessage [on] from family photos [and] personal videos.

This comes at an important time for Apple, particularly regarding security. ... However, the flaw is unlikely to have been of any help to the government’s investigations.

The update news might go by unnoticed and ignored in the hubbub. ... But it’s still an essential patch.

But wait! There's more! Whither Stephen Withers-iOS 9.3 fixes a shedload of vulnerabilities:

A total of 39 vulnerabilities are addressed by iOS 9.3, several of them allowing...remote exploits. ... Some of the vulnerabilities allowed apps to gain kernel privileges.

Among the...problems fixed were an issue that could allow a malicious website to auto-fill text into Messages threads, [an] issue that could allow an untrusted MDM...profile to be incorrectly displayed as trusted...a hidden web page being able to access device motion data, and an opportunity for websites to improperly obtain location data.

And Finally…

How does AlphaGo beat the best Go players?

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