Google's Inbox By Gmail gets slightly less awful, with this feature

Inbox by Gmail now gets Google AI for Web replies

inbox by gmail

Google's Inbox by Gmail gets the Smart Reply feature on the Web version, finally. But that's not enough to get your humble blogwatcher to want to use it.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers reach Inbox Zero.

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What's the craic? Angela Moscaritolo says Google 'Smart Reply' Headed to Inbox on the Web:

Google last year introduced a feature called Smart Reply. ... Now, the Web giant is expanding this feature into Inbox for the Web.

[It] prepares a few possible responses for you. ... It lets you reply to email with just a few taps.

It saves you the time of trying to think of email replies. ... You just tap the reply you like, change it up...if you need to, and tap Send.

Any good? Frederic Lardinois calls it the Nifty Smart Reply feature:

Google’s next-gen email client...includes a number of make handling your incoming messages easier. One of the best [is] Smart Reply, which uses Google’s machine-learning intelligence.

In my experience, Smart Reply typically works pretty well. ... [It's] especially useful when I have to quickly respond to a message while I’m walking down the street.

Mind that lampost. Anthony Karcz streaks in with Inbox by Google Web App Gets Smart Reply:

Inbox remains one of Google’s most successful breakout apps. ... It’s a gesture-enabled e-mail prioritizing machine.

Smart Reply [uses] Google’s own natural language learning and artificial intelligence. [It] is one of those features [where] you’re annoyed [when] you’re in an app that doesn’t have the option.

Innovations like Smart Reply help relieve some of the drudge work of e-mail. ...

Use the sauce: Google's Taylor Kourim breaks cover—Smart Reply comes to Inbox by Gmail on the web:

Smart Reply saves you precious time by suggesting up to three responses. ... Selecting an option starts a reply, ready for you to either edit or send.

It's particularly helpful when you're jamming through lots of email. ... Keep the feedback coming.

Rich McCormick is the master of the pith, in Web version of Google's Inbox:

Inbox has yet to replace the standard Gmail app in the affections of many.

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