You meet the nicest people in IT...

Consultant pilot fish is on the team building a financial datamart at a big bank, and it's a diverse group -- in more ways than one.

"I was working with several other consultants from other firms, including a low-cost consultant from India with an H-1B visa -- I'll call him Fred," says fish. "I won't say that his resume contained lies, but there certainly was some puffery.

"Fred made a major mistake, causing all kinds of data problems that were going to require him to work that entire weekend. One of the other consultants, whom I'll call Barney, told him, 'Well, you'll be stuck here all weekend. I'll be sure to bring you a cheeseburger.'

"I could see Fred visibly flinch from the remark. I later mentioned to Barney that cows are sacred to Fred. Barney replied that he knew that already.

"I later apologized to Fred for Barney's insensitivity and assured him that not all Americans behave that way.

"Fred never complained officially -- he knew that he could easily be bounced from this project and would only have two weeks to find another project before having to return to India.

"Barney had been at the client longer and seemed to be well regarded. But he was later bounced from the client after a road rage incident that continued into the bank's parking garage -- the victim of Barney's rage was a bank employee."

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