Apple iPad Pro gets smaller, say deep-throats -- launch date 3/15

Radical rumor runes reveal: Shrunken Apple iPad Pro, rather than iPad Air 3. Release date rumor: 3/18

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch
Apple, Inc.

Apple iPad Pro brand to expand, as a new rumor reveals that the next iPad is not the anticipated “Air 3.” Unexpectedly, it’ll be another iPad Pro—with the same innards as its bigger brother, and similar accessories, yet dinkier.

So mid-March, Apple launches a normal-iPad-sized tablet, with keyboard-cover, four speakers, and stylus. Wait, did I say stylus? Of course I meant Pencil.

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What’s the craic? Mark Gurman speaks to secret sources—Apple to launch 9.7-inch iPad Pro:

Apple will further differentiate the next-generation 9.7-inch making it part of the new iPad Pro line. [It] will debut at Apple’s...March 15th event and [ship] as soon as March 18th.

Apple is preparing a smaller version of its Smart Keyboard cover. ... Quad stereo speakers will be part of the hardware.

[The] launch will also open up the door to Apple further simplifying its iPad lineup. [It] will also introduce a new 4-inch iPhone 5se.

As Tim is fond of repeating, it’s about the future! Mikey Campbell rings the changes—Apple to launch 9.7" iPad Pro — not Air:

The purported shift mirrors Apple's MacBook...which currently covers three distinct tiers...each clearly delineated both by capability and aesthetics. ... If Apple follows convention the smaller iPad Pro...will be joined by a less capable 9.7-inch iPad Air.

Similarly, the current iPad mini would become an Air. ... Traditionally, the iPad ecosystem [changes] at staggered intervals depending on [the] refresh cycle.

A shocking revelation? Brad Reed reads ’em and weeps—Apple’s next big iPad announcement won’t be what we expected:

Before today, I expected that Apple in March would unveil its third-generation iPad Air. [But] Gurman claims that [it] will actually be a smaller version of the iPad Pro.

But this seems ripe for misunderstanding. Mahit Huilgol perhaps reads a bit too much into the rumor—Apple Might Drop the Air Series for iPad:

It is sort of evident...that Apple wants to enforce certain changes in the tablet line-up. ... Apple seemingly wants to offer different variants with varied screen sizes.

Why are companies involving in restructuring the line-ups? ... Even Sony dropped its signature Z-Series and instead has come up with the X-Series. ... The companies might [want] consumers to feel that the not a continuation of a series of older devices.

It’s certainly a confusing prospect. Élyse Betters’ theory reads better—Apple likely won't launch iPad Air 3:

Apple ditched the "Air" name when it launched the 12-inch MacBook, even though [it] seemed like a direct successor. ... Maybe Apple just wants to do away with the Air moniker.

What price innovation? Dig the thoughts of cunningfox:

Is it just me or has Apple been running in place for the last few years? ... Cook is really leveraging his supply-chain the price of innovation.

This is what happens when a guy who pioneered an incredibly profitable supply chain takes over a (formerly) innovative technology company. ... They’re spending less money on R&D than Samsung and Microsoft. ... What has Apple the last 5 years for tablets or iPhones that was first to market?

Apple made essentially a huge iPhone and ignored the desktop environment. ... The most laughable omission is the lack of tethering to OS X. ... Innovation!

Apple’s marketing pitch for the Pro [is] completely off the mark. [Meanwhile] Apple’s competitors are actively finding ways to augment the evolving market.

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