Why we love our phones

This IT pilot fish has to make a trip to a remote data center -- far enough away that he'll have to stay overnight in a hotel.

"This data center had an inner high-security cage," says fish. "Once you swiped into the cage, you had to swipe again to leave, else you could get trapped in it.

"I entered the cage and needed a console from outside the cage, so I opened the door and pulled the console in. Unfortunately, as I pulled the console in, my badge caught on the outer cage door."

And fish is trapped in the cage, with no one around to help him escape.

Fish considers his options. He can break the glass on the door, but that will involve lots of paperwork, not to mention the cost of repairing the door.

So instead he gets out his mobile phone and begins working his way along the walls of the cage, looking for a spot where he can detect a signal -- and finally finds one in a small area of the cage.

"The only number I had was the reception desk at my head office," fish says. "I ended up calling them, and they immediately called the relevant people to come and let me out. It took 45 minutes."

By then, fish has had enough. He returns to his budget hotel to take a long, hot shower. But he notices a sign in the bathroom, warning guests to make sure the bathroom door is closed or steam from the shower could set off the smoke detector.

Fish pushes the door shut, but it swings back open. It's not latching, apparently because the wooden door is a bit warped. So fish leans into it hard, until he hears the latch click and he knows it's closed properly.

Then he proceeds to take his shower, after which he tries to leave the bathroom -- and finds that the door won't budge.

He's trapped in the bathroom, and once again with no one around to help him escape.

Sighs fish, "Fortunately, I had my phone with me. I searched the bathroom for the best signal, then called reception at my office -- same helpful person as last time -- who rang the hotel, which sent someone up to the room.

"The following day, back in my office, I had to walk past the person who helped me get out of being locked in twice in the same day."

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