Mark Zuckerberg quip: Facebook does virtual reality “with zest” (ugh)

Matt and Charles poke fun at Mark and his acolytes

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook honcho, talks virtual reality, Free Basics, drones, and zombies (I made up that last one). At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, he appeared on stage twice: Once to play a trick on Samsung fans, and again to keynote the Spanish handy conflab.

Not all of the reportage quite hit the intended tone, though. I imagine Facebook’s PR people will look at this week as another “learning experience.”

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VR? Why not Zuckerberg? Edward C. Baig explains—Mark Zuckerberg: Virtual reality can become the most social platform:

Facebook, of course, paid some $2 billion in 2014 to buy Oculus. ... Zuckerberg was all about VR during his brief appearance on the Samsung stage.

“Pretty soon we’re going to live in a world where everyone has the power to share and if you’re...right there in person. ... Imagine being able to sit in front of a campfire and hang out with friends anytime you want. ... Imagine holding a group meeting or event anywhere in the world. ... That’s why Facebook is investing so much early on.”

To deal with the challenges in delivering social VR, Facebook recently created new teams to build the next generation of social apps in VR. ... “We’re excited to be focused on building this next important computing platform...and to be doing it with zest.”

Zuck appeared on another MWC platform, to talk about other things. Ingrid Lunden lsts a few—At MWC, Facebook’s Zuckerberg Talks Free Basics, Lasers and Encryption:

A fireside chat at [MWC 2016], covered a range of topics from Facebook’s connectivity mission, to...5G and its sucky start in mobile. ... Zuckerberg also gave a light update on Facebook’s bid to planes that can stay in the air for six months.

He was very defensive. ... “I think that a lot of people think that companies just care a lot about making money. ... But I built Facebook because I wanted to connect people. ... I never thought we would make money.”

What’s all this about Drudge? Dave Thier tells us Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About That Mark Zuckerberg VR Photo:

The sea of faceless techies evoking a dystopian vision right out of The Matrix or an Apple commercial [It’s] made all the scarier by the presence of the young billionaire...with the implied power [of] being the only guy that doesn’t have a screen strapped to his face.

[But in fact] Zuckerberg used the opportunity to make a stealth entrance...surprising everyone in the audience with his apparent materialization. [It was] an interesting interplay between the novelty of VR and the undeniable power of reality itself.

Don’t get me wrong: there are plenty of ways to freak out...if you’ve got an inkling towards the Luddite. ... Freaking out about machines replacing things we’re familiar with is as old as technology itself.

The photo still appears to make an interesting point, albeit in a particularly bombastic way. ... As we spend more time with our heads in goggles, we’ll have to wonder how much we’re giving over to those that control what we see.

What about that spat in India, about Facebook’s “free” walled-garden ’net access? Tiernan Ray guns for Zuckerberg, in the Hot Seat:

He was the keynote attraction on the first day of [MWC 2016]. ... He strutted with confidence...emblematic of how [he] maintains his forward momentum while [we] struggle to figure out his plans for world domination.

The main point of discussion at this telecom trade show, of course, was the recent set back in India. [His] “Free Basics” program...was struck down by the government.

Pressed on the matter of India, [he] twice resorted to the vague statement...“What we’ve learned is that every country is different.” ... Asked why he thought people seem to sometimes presume mal intent, [he] said, “I guess some people don’t believe that a company can be about more than just making money.”

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Brian May & Kerry Ellis: Somebody To Love

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