Making marketing emails contextual with Boomtrain. Automatically.

Hyper-personalization is very much the flavor of the month with marketers. Boomtrain aims to make personalization easier than ever before.

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Derek Walter

I was recently privy to a discussion amongst a number of high-level marketing executives within a traditional industry. This industry is facing something of a perfect storm as new entrants disrupt its cozy little industry. In an effort to shore up their operations, these vendors are looking to make cross-sell and up-sell offers to their existing customers. As I was chatting with these people, and as I quizzed them about just how personalized their emails were, I was gob-smacked to hear that their approach was very much generic, with most customers getting a similar email.

This is in direct contrast to new organizations whose modus operandi is all about hyper-personalization: Netflix with its movie recommendations or Amazon with its uncannily accurate purchasing recommendations are good examples. In an effort to help all organizations deliver this level of personalization, Boomtrain is launching what it calls a machine learning email personalization tool. First a little information about Boomtrain.

The company offers a marketing platform, much like a host of other vendors. Where Boomtrain suggests it differs from the competition is by coming to the space with a core offering built on top of machine intelligence. The idea being that Boomtrain can help its customers to better understand and communicate with thier customers by sending individually relevant mobile notifications and emails.

This new offering, entitled Boomtrain Editor, hopes to offer marketers a simple way to add machine learning-based personalization to their email campaigns, regardless of which email provider they use. Boomtrain does this by predicting the optimal email content for each recipient and dynamically includes that particular content in an email. Instead of static emails campaigns, those same email templated can be made dynamic with a few mouse clicks. No matter the number of emails that are being sent, content can be personalized to each individual user.

Of course, this level of predictive analytics is available from a bunch of different vendors, but the interesting thing here is that Boomtrain is democratizing it down to actual business users -- no engineers or data scientists required!

“You can go out and run predictive models on IBM’s Watson or Google’s TensorFlow, but if you don’t have a team of engineers on staff, you won’t be able to use it for practical marketing applications,” said Nick Edwards, CEO of Boomtrain. “Boomtrain has bridged that gap to make advanced machine learning personalization accessible for marketers everywhere to leverage this new wave of data and technology.”

Boomtrain Editor can either be used as a standalone application or though on of Boomtrain's email service provider partners.

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