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Facebook Messenger advertising
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Messenger advertising is coming: Brace yourselves. This leaked document says brands can begin IM’ing ads to us soon—it mentions a way to prevent spam, but companies already seem to be tip-toeing their ways around it.

The rumor seems to be somewhat confirmed. And it matches other statements that Facebook made recently. Mind you, it does contradict Mark Zuckerberg’s quote about (errm) not advertising in messaging.

So let’s remove Messenger from our phones? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers never actually installed it in the first place.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Walking in London

What’s the craic? Josh Constine plugs a leak—Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger:

A leaked documentreveals that Facebook will launch ads within Messenger in Q2. [It] says businesses will be able to send ads as messages to people who previously initiated a chatwith that company.

Facebook has quietly launched a URLthat instantly opens a chat thread with a business. That seems to back up the validity of the leaked document.

Thankfully for users, Facebook isn’t going to let brands send ad messages to just anyone or even people who’ve liked their Pages. This should somewhat limit the spam potential.

[It] contradicts what Mark Zuckerberg saidin early 2014. “I don’t personally think ads are the right way to monetize messaging.” [But] Facebook has apparently grown willing to let advertisers pay to ping people directly.

Did someone say “spam potential”? Kia Kokalitcheva kicks off—Facebook Reportedly Plans to Let Businesses Send Ads in Messenger:

Facebookappears keen to ensure users the ads aren’t spam. The company is more than aware of how easily it could enrage its users.

It could likely charge a lot for these ads given the highly targeted and direct context. A Facebook spokesman declined to comment.

Wait, is this actually news? Kathleen Chaykowski sets the Wayback machine to “Stun”—Report: Facebook To Bring Ads To Messenger This Year:

Sheryl Sandberg said at Ad Weeklast year that Facebook was testing ads in Messenger. Messenger now has more than 800 million monthly active users.

Since Facebook hiredDavid Marcus to lead messaging in 2014, [it] has made strides in making it easier for users to talk to businesses through chat. [To] change the color of an ordered item or track a deliveryfor example. Facebook’s personal assistant, “M,” which is housed in Messenger and only available to a small test groupallows users to book appointments, [make] restaurant reservations, [and] place orders.

Indeed, and there’s more. Like this from Ginny “share and enjoy” Marvin, who is not at all paranoid—Ads Could Come To Facebook Messenger Within Months:

Facebook has been pushing businesses to use Messengerfor nearly a year now. In December, it added Messaging to the Page Plugin widget, making it easierto interact with businesses on Messenger.

So when is this non-deluge of non-spam going to begin? Casey Newton cases the joint—And now some words from our sponsor:

Facebook plans to introduce paid advertisements in Messenger within the next few months. [It] is consistent with Facebook's move to make Messenger the primary way that customers interact with businesses.

Facebook declined to comment. [But it’s] likely that [it] will have more to say about Messenger ads at its F8 developer conference in April.

And Finally…

Visiting London? Why not try walking?

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