Oh! Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed after premature post (probably)

Samsung’s Indonesian faux-pas reveals all

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge beans spilled by the manufacturer, a week early: oops! The company’s Indonesian arm waves the duo of flagships under our noses—we get to see every angle, literally and metaphorically.

Now, we have to think it’s a faux pas, so heads will roll, probably. But maybe it’s an elaborate feint, so the PR-column-inch momentum keeps going until the MWC-2016 launch? Oh, could that be it?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers worry they’ve played right into Samsung’s hands. Not to mention: Fat Stacks (Melodysheep vs. Breaking Bad)...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.
[Developing story: Updated 4:26 am PT with more comment]

Who can show us some official pictures of the S7? Matt Kinne can—Galaxy S7 water resistance confirmed from Samsung video, website:

The Galaxy S7 has been well-documented ahead of the official debut on February 21st. ... What is most interesting...was the [rumor] of IP68 water-resistance. That seems to be confirmed by an official Samsung page.

[It] shows off a Galaxy S7 which appears to be underwater. [It] also shows off a YouTube video featuring...the Galaxy S7 Edge in the rain.

On top of the water-resistance, Samsung seems to be pushing their new camera, which [is rumored to] be excellent in low-light. Samsung [uses] the phrase “bring light to the night”, which adds further credibility.

Yeah, right. No manufacturer would be so stupid as to accidentally leak its own flagship, one week before a high-profile launch. Chris Mills grinds up the story—Samsung Just Posted a Bunch of Details About the Unannounced Galaxy S7:

I assume this is a dumb leak, and not a desperate PR effort. [They] look like they’re meant to be a launch-day...teaser, and they’re hiding on Samsung’s Indonesia-specific site.

[They] are hosted on domains or channels owned by Samsung, so there’s little doubt that [they’re] authentic. ... The leaked press photos are spot on: the Galaxy S7 looks more or less [like] the S6. Wireless charging and...waterproofing appear to be confirmed. ... There will be a version with curved edges.

So Mother Nature can’t rain on an S7 owner’s parade? But waterproofing isn’t the killer feature for shakalakaboom:

I’m down with the wireless charging. Was considering the G4 but ended up buying an S6.

The Nexus 6P not having it was also a factor in my selling it. ... Back to my trusty Nexus 5 on my Nokia DT-910 Qi charging stand.

Speaking of Nexus phones, what’s up with Samsung’s super-slow rollout of Android? Thus spake Danny Sullivan:

Four months after Android 6 was released, Samsung's "latest" model phones are finally getting it. ... Can you imagine if Apple released new version of iOS but its latest iPhone model didn't get it for four months?

BTW I get that for many people, not having the latest mobile OS isn't that big of a deal. ... But those with long memories remember Google talking about how Android updates would come sooner.

Google pushed...to get others to update more frequently. Which has failed.

I get Samsung wants to Samsungize Android. But four months...is embarrassing to Samsung, Android & Google.

Hungry for more leaked imagery? Emil Protalinski’s got your back, in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge leaked from every angle:

They’ve been leaked left, right, and center ahead of their February 21 unveiling. ... Really at this point we’ve seen it all.

Update: Of course, the S7 isn’t the only flagship slated for next week. As John Dye reminds us, in Galaxy S7 vs LG G5:

Flagship season [is] just around the corner. ... Let’s take a gander at what the S7 and the G5...and see which fan base is more stoked.

The Galaxy S7 may be the most anticipated flagship Android device of all time. ... [But as] Dong-jin Ko said in his...first statement after taking his post, “Next year will be tough.” ... 5.1-inch SAMOLED...Quad HD...Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 in the US and China...4GB of RAM...microSD slot...in-store availability should begin from March 11.

In the other corner...LG is set to unleash the G5. ... Last year wasn’t so great for LG. ... 5.3-inch LCD...with an additional ‘ticker’ display...Snapdragon 820. 3GB of RAM...microSD slot...dual-camera...for wide-angle shots and...other nifty little tricks...2,800 mAh...supposedly removeable...full-aluminum [with] a slide-off “cap”...expect to see the device in stores about the same time as the Galaxy S7.

Who wins? ... Providing that all the rumors prove true, the G5’s lower 3GB of RAM stacked against the S7’s 4GB might seal the deal. ... However, the G5 appears to be trotting out a lot more innovation.

It’s clear that both of these devices will be power players...but what’s your pick? Which...are you most excited about?

And Finally...

FAT STACKS: A Breaking Bad song

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