Apple Watch 2 coming after up-to-29% discount? (and ST:C)

A fire sale, to clear the decks before a new version? Tim’s not telling

Apple Watch at $100 off: This is what’s been blowing up the fanboi feeds the past few days—but what could it mean? Some say the Apple Watch 2 launch is nigh, so stockists are draining the channel of the original units.

Mind you, you won’t find these discounts at any Apple Stores. It’s only some authorized resellers that are shaving $100 off the cost. On that list of discounters are Best Buy, B&H, Target, and Walmart. Similar discounting is happening overseas, too.

But hang on a minute. Does the obvious conclusion actually make any sense?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers add it all up. Not to mention: Star Trek: Continues...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

What’s the craic? Katie Marsal aims for affiliate kickbacks—Lowest Prices Ever:

Apple authorized reseller B&H just slashed...$100 off all Apple Watches...resurrecting the lowest prices we've seen on Apple Watches.

38mm, Space Gray Aluminum, Black Sport $249.00. ... 42mm, Space Gray Aluminum, Black Sport $299.00. ... 42mm, Space Black Stainless Steel, Black Sport Band $499.00. ... 38mm, Space Black Stainless Steel, Black Sport Band $449.00 [etc.]

But what does it mean? Sean Keach was one of many who think they know—Apple Watch 2: More discounts suggest release is on the horizon:

A major US retailer has discounted its entire $100. [They’re] listed as continuing “while supplies last.” ... That suggests this is a stock clearance.

Interestingly, this...mirrors a similar move made by Currys PC world in the UK. ... The British retailer discounted various Apple Watch models by between £50 and £120, just months after...acquiring retail rights.

Unfortunately...we’re still in dark – officially, anyway.

It’s not just B&H. As Romain Dillet notes—The Apple Watch Is On Sale Again:

The Apple Watch is now available with a $100 discount at Best Buy...Target and possibly other stores.

You might think that it means that the Apple Watch 2 is right around the corner, but it’s unlikely. ... The Apple Watch (at least the Sport version) is now available at Walmart and was also discounted before the holidays. ... Apple is firing with both barrels to capture market share as quickly as possible.

There’s a long road ahead full of updates, late adopters and better margins. ... An Apple event on March 15 seems likely now, but you shouldn’t expect a major update for the Apple Watch.

Yeah, that sounds reasonable (if boring). Ryan Anthony thinks about it—Apple Watch Sale: $100 Off Ahead Of Rumored Apple Watch 2 Launch:

[Dillet] may be on to something. ... It would seem a bit odd to introduce a completely different model line when most additions could be done via a firmware update.

[And these] discounts are only happening at non-Apple stores. ... Best Buy and Target could continue some of these discounts for the long-term, you won’t find the discounts at [the] Apple Store.

Much speculation and froth, signifying nothing? Meanwhile, Neil Cybart seeks the truthiness behind the Reality Distortion Field:

Even though the Apple Watch has been compared to the iPhone for most of its short life, the true extent...has been underestimated. ... From the moment the Watch was introduced in September 2014, the device has been compared to the iPhone all the way down to [the] keynote slides being judged as less clear than those found in the iPhone keynote introduction.

The device was panned as being less useful as an iPhone and not bringing up the same...feelings that people...had when the iPhone was introduced. ... Disappointment soon took the place of excitement.

Back in 2012, Jony Ive discussed the motivation:.."Our goal isn't to make money. ... This may sound a little flippant, but...what gets us excited is to try to make great products. We trust that if we are successful people will like them." ... Jony's comments demonstrate Apple's strategy:..let the products do the talking.

And Finally...

Star Trek: Continues
“The original Star Trek ran three seasons. ... What if Star Trek had continued? ... The son of Gene Roddenberry [says] Star Trek Continues [is] a bona fide sequel,” blogs Dan Colman.

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