7 useful Mail productivity tips for iOS 9

Get to know the less obvious things you can do with Mail app in iOS

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iOS 9 is pretty easy to use from the get-go, but dig around inside the mobile OS and you find many less obvious ways to get things done, so here are some tips for better Mail app use.

Introducing the Unread folder (and friends)

Ever wished you could easily review Unread mails or wanted to sort through all mails received that carry attachments? Here’s what you need to know:

Tip #1

  • Open Mail’s Mailbox view
  • Tap Edit
  • You’ll see a range of different pre-created mailboxes, including Unread, Attachments, Today, All Drafts and others.
  • To enable any of thee mailboxes just tick the circle to the left of the mailbox name.
  • Click “Done” and in future you’ll have an easy way to access messages that fit this description.

Draft control

You can take time writing important emails to important people using this tip:

Tip #2

  • When you’re writing an email and need to stop to do something else, all you need to do is:
  • Tap on the message subject line at the top of the window and swipe your finger toward the bottom of the screen.
  • The message subject will appear at the bottom of the screen. To open the Draft mail in order to continue working on it you only need to tap the bottom of your display.

You can work on multiple draft emails.

When you do, you can navigate them the same way when they become easy to work through in carousel view. You can also create a Drafts folder for your in progress emails using tip #1 if you want to see them in list view.

#Tip 3

Another way to access Drafts is to tap and hold the Compose icon. This opens your Draft emails in list view as well as providing the New Message option.

Creating and saving attachments

I still don’t understand why Mail doesn’t offer useful Share functions – why am I unable to save emails as Notes for future action? These oversights need fixing, given email remains the most important online collaborative tool. One thing you can do is save and add attachments.

#Tip 4: Saving attachments

If you receive an attachment in a Mail message it’s easy to save it.

  • Tap and hold the attachment’s icon as shown at the bottom of the email message.
  • The Share menu appears, enabling you to Save the attachment to iCloud, copy and open it in other apps that support the attachment type, or use Markup. QuickLook, reply and print.

#Tip 5: Sending attachments

There are several ways to share attachments, but this is easy:

  • When composing a message just double-tap inside the email to access the contextual Select, Select All, Paste menu.
  • Tap the arrow to the right of that menu and tap again to reach the Add Attachment function.
  • Tap Add Attachment.
  • iCloud Drive will appear, you can send an attachment saved in here (including large attachments over 5GB using iOS 9’s Mail Drop feature), or tap Locations at top left
  • Locations will allow you to share files from some other sources, including Dropbox.

3D Touch tip

Owners of iPhones with 3D Touch can tap a message in the mailbox list to peek at the message contents, slide up to see a list of available actions, or press harder to open the message. 3D Touch tips available here.

Tip #6: Swipe

I’m sure we all know we can swipe left or right on messages to invoke actions, but we aren’t confined to Apple’s defaults. You change swipe options for your apps in Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Swipe Options where you can apply a little customization to this.

Tip #7: Notify

I use this a lot. When I send or receive an email concerning urgent topics I need to monitor I can use Notify Me, which will pop a notification on my lock screen when I receive messages concerning the important email thread.

  • Option 1: If I’ve received an email I can tap and hold the flag button at bottom left of the screen and choose “Notify Me..”.
  • Option 2: When creating urgent emails I activate Notify Me by tapping the bell at the right-hand side of the Subject line.

I hope you get something useful from this short collection of Mail tips.

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