Could these be the drones you're looking for?

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Drones are so hot right now. It seems you can’t turn the corner without hearing about them -- Google and Amazon want to use them to deliver packages, they could be used for search-and-rescue operations in the not too distant future, and 300,000 of them have already been registered with the FAA. Most importantly, drones can be used to take some truly epic selfies.

(And yes, I know those devices I am talking about are actually called quadcopters.)

So, with all that in mind, if you have a few extra dollars lying around (and if you are not a member of the pitchfork-wielding drone-hating mob anticipated by Computerworld columnist Mike Elgan), you are probably thinking of getting a drone yourself. Right? But where to start?

Here, our resident drone expert Mike deAgonia did some of the heavy lifting for you by covering the ins and outs of two consumer drones, the $899 Chroma 4K quadcopter from Horizon Hobby and the $599 Dragonfly from SimToo, available right now. These two awesome options each have their pros and cons, so it really all depends on what features you are looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Time to pick which drone is best for you and take to the air. Those selfies are not going to take themselves. Just make sure the camera is pointing at your house, and not your neighbors'.

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