LG G5 gets Quick Cover to match rumored always-on display

Argh! My eyes! What is LG trying to say with this crazy imagery?

LG G5 always-on display
LG Electronics

LG Electronics keeps dribbling G5 info—news about its new flagship Android phone. It’ll have a Quick Cover case that highlights its rumored always-on display. And the case will also allow you to interact with the phone while closed, because your touches will pass through its mesh construction.

Supposedly, the always-on display won’t suck you battery dry, thanks to clever use of OLED. Come Feb 21, it’ll be interesting to see what LG calls it, because “Always On Display” is trademarked by Samsung. Oops.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers separate rumor from reality. Not to mention: Hilarious history of Japan...

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Time for a breathless exclusive? Respect Kris Carlon’s authority—LG G5 leak reveals Always On display:

The Galaxy S7 isn’t the only flagship arriving at MWC 2016 that will have an Always On display. ... LG has included the same thinking in [the G5] its radically redesigned G4 successor.

The LG G5 screen is literally always on, not just intermittently...like the Moto X or Nexus 6P and without...a gesture. [And] we’re being told, the LG G5 Always On display is actually a full-screen version.

So is this just a rumor? Cam Bunton says not, sorta—LG G5 teaser reveals ‘always on’ screen feature for the upcoming flagship:

In a post on its official Facebook page, LG teased the feature with a short animated GIF.

It appears the company is preparing to use...the ‘always on’ feature...to constantly show the time as well as displaying...any missed notifications.

Presumably [LG] found a way to include the feature without draining considerable battery life. ... With Marshmallow’s battery saving capabilities, this is an ideal feature.

LG is such a bunch of teases. As Quentyn Kennemer notes, the company has form—LG confirms always-on display for the LG G5:

LG has always been the manufacturer who has no problem confirming details about their forthcoming phones before big announcements.

We’ve long wondered when LG...might start hopping onto the always-on bandwagon. Motorola did it [with] the original Moto X.

LG’s February 21st event in Barcelona is sure to be a must-see affair.

But there could be a legal issue. Ewan Spence is one of several to note it, in Galaxy S7 Leaks The Late Arrival Of Another Smartphone Innovation:

Samsung has trademarked the phrase ‘Always on Display.’

Unlike an LCD panel which has a full screen backlight...drawing heavily on the battery, an AMOLED screen can illuminate individual pixels. ... Trigger a few pixels to put information on the screen and...it draws significantly less power than an LCD. ... It turns what could be a wasted experience (a blank screen) into something useful with minimal battery draw.

The problem with...Samsung’s trademarking of the term...is it may be a new feature to a Samsung smartphone, but [not] to the market. ... It is present in devices from LG, Lenovo (nee Motorola) and Google. And fans of Nokia [will] point to the ambient display feature [of] the Nokia N8 [from] 2010.

Samsung has finally caught up with the rest of the market and is expecting to get a cookie for doing what everyone else managed years ago.

What else do we think we know about the G5? Darren Orf goes orf on one [You're fired -Ed.] LG G5 Rumors: Everything We Think We Know:

The theme of LG’s [launch] event is “Play” as shown by [the] dancing robot and hopping yellow... um... we’re not actually sure what that thing is.

Whereas the G4 was plastic and curved, the G5 will be cloaked in metal and straight as an arrow. ... LG is getting rid of...the G4's curve...and possibly stretching the ticker display across the entire phone.

The power button/fingerprint sensor...seems very similar to Google’s Nexus 5X and 6P. ... The camera does seems to have a dual lens set up, which [may] take two images and stitch them together.

It will have Snapdragon’s most powerful processor, the Snapdragon 820, but it will “only” have 3GB of RAM...and a smaller battery.

2016 is starting to look pretty bizarre for the world of mobile.

Update: And the official leaks keep coming. Matthew Miller mithers mirthfully-LG reveals G5 name, Quick Cover case, and likely metal phone construction:

LG is not holding back. ... While people continue to debate the age-old question of...the chicken or the egg, LG modernized it with...the case or the phone.

The LG G5 Quick Cover is similar to the previous covers for other LG phones, providing access to the time, date, and notifications. [Its] glossy metallic finish...leads to the conclusion that the LG G5 [has] a metal finish.

“Keeping the hype train rolling.” That’s Chris Chavez’ critical analysis-LG formally announces touch-enabled Quick Phone Cover:

[It] features a tiny window for that always-on display...and a “semitransparent mesh cover” for touch interaction.

Users will be able to take calls...control alarms, and...more, all while the cover is closed. ... It’s looking pretty nice.

As long as it doesn’t scratch up the display (like the Galaxy S6 fiasco)...they have something great on their hands.

And Finally...

Hilarious (and somewhat inaccurate) history of Japan
[a few naughty words within; hat tip: Mark Frauenfelder]

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