Data is the New Control Point

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As consumers, we are now used to having an app for everything. Apps are easy to develop, easy to deploy, and easy to change. Apps are modular and lightweight. High school kids develop apps, as do 83-year old former defense secretaries!

Contrast this with the enterprise world. It takes months of effort, if not longer, to develop and roll out an IT enterprise application. One of the major reasons is that applications and data are not cleanly separated in the enterprise. Introducing a new business application requires organizations to untangle and clean up the complex web of data they have accumulated over the years.

Business leaders know that this is costing them a lot of money and holding them back. They also see the future and realize it is going to get a lot worse if they don’t take control of their data right now. As they move to SaaS applications, these business leaders will gain more agility, but they also end up with less control over their on-premise applications.

So what is the solution?

Data. Plain and simple: data is the new control point.

For any new initiative – cloud, on-premise, big data – business leaders must ensure that the right data models, processes, and platforms are in place. What’s more, it’s critical to do the same for your highest-priority legacy applications. Many customers and organizations are naming chief data officers dedicated to this critical business asset.

At Informatica, we realized a few years ago that the world was headed in this direction. In 2014, at Informatica World, we introduced our vision of the Intelligent Data Platform. Over the last two years, we have delivered consistently on our promises. Each major product release since then – our cloud offerings, Big Data ManagementMDMLive Data Map,v10data security – has extended our early mover advantage.

We have a clear ambition – to be the leading data management company in the world.

Our purpose is to enable our customers to achieve maximum business value from all things data, whether that’s in the cloud, on big data platforms, and/or on-premise. Informatica has a long and exceptional track record of delivering the best products on the market, as innovative as they are reliable.

We are operating from a position of strength: a large customer base, deep technology partnerships, #1 in customer loyalty, and great people.

With our combination of scale and innovation, and our unique position as the largest independent player (the “Switzerland of Data”), we look forward to powering the data revolution for our customers.

Are you ready for this coming data revolution?

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