Why DISM is the Swiss Army knife of Windows 10 maintenance

command line prompt
Creative Commons via Flickr (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)

The Deployment Image Servicing and Management command-line tool, aka DISM, has been around since Windows Vista, when it was first introduced as a method for creating and managing Windows images based on the Windows image (.wim) file format. Recently, with the introduction of the encrypted and compressed Electronic Software Download (.esd) file format in Windows 8, DISM has gained the ability to work with such files as well. In the context of the DISM utility's name, "servicing" is a broad term covering a wide range of functions that include the following:

My own recent use of DISM with Windows 10 has produced somewhat more modest tasks at which DISM is equally accomplished, but which are more likely to be of use in day-to-day system upkeep and maintenance. This list of tasks provides the basis for the remainder of this article:

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