9 iPhone tips you probably never knew

Some even lesser known iPhone tips and tricks

I thought I’d bring you a few less well known iPhone tips while we wait for Google/Alphabet to begin getting hammered by the same level of “public interest” driven critical coverage thrown at Apple when it became the world’s most valuable company. It will be a refreshing change.

Most of these work on every current iPhone.

Deleting numbers in Calculator

If you’ve ever worked on a complex calculation in Calculator you may have needed this tip. You see, when you enter an incorrect digit in Calculator it isn’t obvious how to delete that character – it’s as if all you can do is delete the whole figure. In fact, you’ve always been able to delete the character you just entered simply by swiping to the left or right on the display in the area populated by the sum. I don’t know how many people know this.

Get the desktop version

iOS 9 makes it much easier to see the Desktop version of a mobile site using the Request Desktop Site button you’ll find in the Share menu, but this is quicker: Just tap and hold down the reload button in the URL bar and then tap the Request Desktop Site command that pops up on-screen.

A secret Panorama tip

If you like to take panoramic (Pano) shots you may have become a little frustrated because the Camera app seems to insist you pan from left to right. The good news is you can free yourself – just tap the panorama guide to flip the arrow into the opposite direction, right to left.

What site was that?

We’ve all closed the browser window of a page only to find we need the page again and can’t remember what it was. This is where Safari’s Recently Closed tabs collection comes in useful. To access it tap the two squares at the bottom right of the Safari window to open tab carousel view, and then tap and hold the + symbol at the bottom of that and you’ll enter the Recently Closed tabs screen.

Shared Reminders

Do you use shared lists in iOS? This feature lets friends, family and colleagues using iOS create shared lists to help them work together to get things done. To create a shared list open Reminders and tap to create a new list. Add items to the list and name it in the usual way. Now in the generic Reminders view listing all your notes select the new list, tap Edit and then select Sharing. You should add the email of the contact you wish to share the list with, adding others using the Add Person command. Now everyone in the group can share and add new items (or completed items) to this list.

Mail tip: Drafts

When you’re composing a mail and need to do something else just tap on the bold subject line at the top of the display and swipe down to the bottom to save the message as a draft. You’ll now see that message noted at the bottom of the display and simply tap and swipe up to access it. Working on multiple mails? Tap and hold the New Message icon to see all the messages you’re working on in Carousel view.

Schedule a call

If you have a record of a person’s or a business’ number in Contact you can tell Siri “remind me to call the (that person or business) in 5 minutes” and you’ll receive a reminder when you need it. When the reminder comes in just swipe the notification left and you’ll be able to call the person directly.


It’s surprising more people don’t know that in order to redial the last number you called all you need to do is press the green call button on the keypad.


You can use geofencing on your iPhone to help you remember tasks, here’s how.

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