Tomorrow's lesson: Troubleshooting

Elementary-school teacher shows up at the office of the school's tech coordinator pilot fish, frantic because her mouse arrow is stuck in the lower-right corner of her computer screen.

"We tried all the usual things: unplugging and replugging the mouse, restarting the computer, swapping the mouse," says fish.

"As we were going through these steps, she told me her students had been playing on her interactive white board, 'but it wasn't on' -- meaning that the projector wasn't on.

"I explained that as long as the white board was connected to her computer, it was 'on,' even if the projector was not. Even though there was no image projected to the white board, if we were touching the board, it would detect it and respond to it.

"We physically disconnected the interactive white board, and voila! the mouse was usable again.

"Upon a closer look at the white board, we saw her stool-height chair had been pushed against it -- and the back of the chair was right where the mouse was 'stuck.' Moving the chair away from the board restored her mouse to its full functionality once again."

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