“iPhone 5se” is the stupid name for next 4-inch Apple phone, say sources

Rumor mongers monger rumor, two months before release

iPhone 5se
Apple, Inc.

Rumors point to iPhone 5se as the ridiculous name for the next small phone from Apple. Surprisingly, it's not going to be known as 6c—even though everyone was expecting that—and the release date is said to be in late-March or April. 

For those who grok Apple rumors, this shocker should give them food for thought. And waddya know? It has.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers eat the rumor. Not to mention: The Biggest Prime Number (so far)...

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What's the craic? Mark Gurman talks to "sources who have used the upcoming iPhone," in Apple readies ’iPhone 5se’, not ‘6c’, for March/April with curved edges & Live Photos:

In order to appease potential customers seeking...a screen smaller than 4.7...inches, Apple is upgrading the existing iPhone 5s.

The new device is internally codenamed “N69,” but the launch name will likely be the “iPhone 5se” [meaning either] a “special edition” variation [or] an “enhanced” version of the iPhone 5s. [It has] upgraded internals, software, and hardware features...from the past two iPhone upgrades...without competing with the design of the newer and larger iPhone 6s line.

So when's the release date? Andrew Cunningham sits on Report: Apple readying new 4-inch “iPhone 5SE” for the spring:

The 4-inch screen (and presumably its 1136×640 resolution) will be retained, but the edges of the phone and the front glass will be curved.

The device will also reportedly include a host of internal upgrades:..An Apple A8 SoC, a new 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera, NFC and Apple Pay compatibility, and the M8 motion coprocessor and barometer. ... And it will include a headphone jack that may be missing from the upcoming "iPhone 7."

Apple is said to be announcing the phone in March and releasing it later that month, possibly in April. If...correct, it will be a solid upgrade [from] an iPhone 4S, 5, or 5C.

Something doesn't add up here. John "shouty" Gruber puts his finger on it—MARK GURMAN SAYS NEW 4-INCH IPHONE TO BE CALLED ’IPHONE 5SE’:

I don’t see how curved glass fits with the iPhone 5 industrial design.

And what about the chamfered edges on the back?

And that name! Do I smell shark-jumping? Emil Protalinski agrees with me:

Apple is approaching Microsoft territory. iPhone 5 super edition.

Meanwhile, will it still be over-priced? Mark Rogowsky thinks so—iPhone Rumors Point To A Nicely Upgraded '5SE' Coming In March:

If anyone was expecting Apple to radically alter its pricing structure with the 5se, forget it.

[It'll be] $450 unsubsidized and $0 [on] a 2-year-contract. ... Don’t expect Apple to offer anything beyond 64GB.

Of course, [it] raises serious questions about what happens come Fall. [Apple] could...choose to discontinue iPhone 6 and leave the 5se at the bottom of the lineup. With the upgraded internals, [leaving] the lineup: 5se, iPhone 6s...newly designed iPhone 7 and 7 Plus at the top.

Update 1: Still confused? Harrison Weber cuts to the chase—Apple rumored to launch 4-inch iPhone 5se:

In short, [it] may be an iPhone 6, stuffed inside the body of a modified iPhone 5s.

Is there no triangulation of the rumor? Why, yes: Direct from China, Chan Zhuang has First real 4-inch iPhone 2016 leaked video:

Such 4-inch iPhone 2016 model design have similar design like iPhone 6s (you can see it), but smaller.

It’s one of the first demo examples from Foxconn department. ... We don’t have confirmed information. ... Maybe final version will more different.

The 4-inch iPhone 2016 model will include support LTE, as well as...Apple Pay through...NFC. New iPhone will have a full metal body.

The official 4-inch iPhone 2016 release date – March.

Update 2: Anyway, about that name. Rod Chester goes fishing—Leaked photo claims to reveal cheaper, compact iPhone:

Perhaps the biggest shock...is the name that Apple is said to be considering.

iPhone 5se...is arguably the worst name for an Apple product since it released the third-generation iPad as the New iPad.

What does the e stand for? ... “Enough already with the dumb names” is our tip.

Apple could market the new phone as “almost as good as sex”. No, Apple would not do that.

And Finally...

Let's Print the World's Biggest Prime Number (so far)
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