Twitter was down, but now it’s creaking back up again

Blue bird forgets where its towel is

Twitter is down

Twitter was down, but it’s gradually recovering—if you’re still not seeing it, please stop mashing the reload button; maybe go outside for a minute? Or there’s this other thing, called Google Plus. Who knows, you might like it.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers experience all five stages. Not to mention: The Ukraine Air Force do love an insane fly-by...

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[Developing story: Updated 2:55 am PT with more comment]

Thanks for noticing. Chris Baraniuk notes the irony—Twitter network down for many users after technical fault:

Twitter chose to communicate the problem via a tweet.

Some users took to Facebook to complain.

For some, the site appears to be intermittently accessible.

You can sense the frustration. Eric Auchard is in Germany—Twitter suffers outages in some parts of the world:

Twitter was working to resolve the issues, which appear to be concentrated in Europe.

Smartphone users [are] receiving the warning: "Tweets aren't loading right now." ... A company spokeswoman had no further comment.

Twitter also posted on Tumblr. It called the problem a Service issue:

Some users are currently experiencing problems.

We are...working towards a resolution.

Oh noes. Charlie Osborne reports in more than 140 characters—Twitter outage strikes Europe:

Web-based and mobile services appear to be down...with some users seeing nothing more than a landing page.

Problems have been recorded since 8.27GMT and are focused on the United Kingdom, France and Germany. ... Some Twitter users experienced service disruptions between 6:23AM and 6:33AM PST...but the issue appeared to be resolved. ... No word as of yet whether this is the same problem.

Update: Apparently, it’s not just Europe. Here’s Ingrid “n=1” Lunden, in The Fail Whale Returns:

[It’s] not working, either partially or not at all, in...the UK, Switzerland, and Bangkok.

Workers in affected regions sitting down to a little procrastination at their desks with cups of coffee had to stick to Facebook and Instagram. ... More seriously...for a service that trades on providing a real-time stream of information, [issues] hit at the very core of the product.

The company has also been attempting to place itself deeper into the center of how people interact and communicate for more critical situations in business and emergencies.

It will be interesting too to see if [it] affects Twitter in the public markets. The company’s share price is...near its 52-week low.

And Finally...

The Ukraine Air Force do love an insane fly-by

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