Because more data is always better, right?

This 300-person company has been in the same offices for years, but an influx of high-priced real estate developments nearby means it's time to move, according to this pilot fish.

"Upper management calls a general meeting to announce that we're moving to a new location," fish says. "But they would like to pick a new site that's convenient for the employees' commutes.

"To that end, they trot out a large map of the local region. 'We would like all employees at all levels to come up after the meeting is over and place a push pin on the map where they live,' the big boss says. 'To start things off, we're putting in pins for ourselves now' -- and each member of upper management takes a pin from the box and puts it on the map.

"The meeting ends, people line up to place their own pins in, and by the time everyone has left the room, the map shows a general consensus that most people live in one broad area on the map -- and everybody thinks this was a great idea by upper management.

"Months go by. Rumors circulate as to when we're leaving, and everyone is guessing as to where in the area on the map we'll be moving to.

"Finally, upper management announces the date when the company is moving and the address of our new building. Almost everyone goes back to the map to see where the new address is -- only to find that it's very near the cluster of pins that upper management inserted on the map."

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