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Pilot fish's wife has been bugging him for a few weeks about an image that seems to be stuck in her color laser printer -- and keeps printing at odd times.

"I finally decide to take a look," says fish. "It must be a document stuck in the print spooler. Easy fix, right?

"But when I look for it, nada. Zilch. Nothing. A test print works fine. I love when problems solve themselves.

"A couple days later: 'That picture printed again.' Another trip to the computer, another look at the spool, another test print. 'Fine? What do you mean, fine? There has to be a problem.'

"A few days later, once again: 'Hey, the printer just printed that picture.' Since I'm now only 10 feet away, I ask for a demonstration.

"Step one: Reproduce the problem. My wife had been pushing the copy button to acknowledge a low toner warning.

"Well, that multifunction printer is actually also a scanner, fax and copier. The picture that keeps printing was in the scanner bed, and every time she hit the copy button it would do exactly that: print a copy of the picture that was in the scanner.

"I reach inside the scanner bed, remove the picture, hand to my wife and try desperately not to laugh so as not to end up on the couch for the night."

Sharky won't ask who else didn't think to check the scanner bed -- I'll just ask for more true tales of IT life. Send yours to me at sharky@computerworld.com, and you'll score a sharp Shark shirt every time I use one. Add your comments below, and read some great old tales in the Sharkives.

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