Microsoft fixes KB 3114409 for Outlook 2010 with KB 3114570

The borked December 8 patch forced Outlook 2010 to launch in safe mode

Microsoft fixes KB 3114409 for Outlook 2010 with KB 3114570
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Here's another one for the record books.

On Dec. 8, Microsoft released KB 3114409, a nonsecurity update that was designed to help admins keep Outlook 2010 in safe mode. Within hours, Microsoft's forums were flooded with complaints that on some machines, KB 3114409 forced Outlook 2010 to only start in safe mode.

It took Microsoft about 12 hours to pull the patch. The only advice? Golly, if Outlook 2010 starts in safe mode, you need to uninstall KB 3114409.

This past Tuesday, Jan. 12 -- more than a month later -- Microsoft has finally released a fix for the KB 3114409 forced safe-mode patch. It's called KB 3114570. Microsoft says it does the following:

Fixes an issue in which Outlook 2010 starts only in safe mode. This issue occurs after you install December 8, 2015, update for Outlook 2010 (KB3114409).

Although the documentation doesn't explain when the patch is necessary, according to Windows Secrets columnist Susan Bradley (paid content), you should install KB 3114570 only if you installed KB 3114409 when it was available, and Outlook 2010 started opening in safe mode. "If you didn't install the earlier update, you have no need to install this one either."

Yet another patch to fix yet another bad patch.

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