17 Apple Watch 2 rumors

Facts and fictions

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Apple’s keeping a really tight lid on Apple Watch rumors, but here’s current speculation as it prepares to announce Apple Watch 2.


China’s Commercial Times (via 9to5Mac) thinks Apple Watch 2 production has begun in preparation for a March launch. (I'm hedging my bets and calling April all the same.)


Apple’s health focus remains and it continues to build its development team. Experts in health sensor design, ultrasound software and physiological development have joined the team, suggesting improvements in existing sensors and potential introduction of new ones. (Has Apple cracked the non-invasive diabetes test challenge? Has it developed blood pressure and blood oxygen sensors?)


Apple continues to explore new production processes and component design. Its  suppliers are thought to be developing thinner OLED display panels for the device, which would enable a slimmer product without compromising…

Battery life

It is possible that any square millimeters of space created through the deployment of new display tech could be used to host a larger battery, increasing battery life.


Claims exist of new premium materials, such as titanium, tungsten, palladium and platinum for some models.


It makes sense to create a waterproof Apple Watch you can take scuba diving with you – imagine making a FaceTime call from a coral reef…


AppAdvice speculates Watch 2 boasts a FaceTime camera (voice and video) integrated into the top bevel, so you can let your significant other talk to your nostrils.


Battery life restrictions may make it impossible to make the Watch completely independent of the iPhone, as doing so demands a faster processor, mobile radio and more. However, Apple does seem to have been developing a new Wi-Fi chip capable of handling tasks like email, messages and so on over Wi-Fi without an iPhone.


Cowen & Co.’s semiconductor analyst Timothy Arcuri thinks Apple Watch 2, “will not require iPhone tethering for full connectivity.” Others warn the watch won’t carry its own SIM, meaning we’ll still need an iPhone to make calls.


Apple Watch 2 may feature a new Apple S2 chip. Like the S1 this seems likely to integrate the rumored Wi-Fi module (currently made by Broadcom). While the S1 application processor was built using 28-nanometer process, the company’s subsequent move to 14-nanometer processors may be reflected in Apple Watch 2.


I’ve seen speculation the new device may host its own GPS chip, and why not? Why do you need to carry an iPhone as well as a Watch when you want to accurately track your movement on your monthly fitness run? (However, many commentators do not expect GPS in Apple Watch 2.)

Wireless charging

Apple Watch already supports wireless charging – any improvements to this will potentially appear in future Apple products.


Apple’s recent move to enable support of multiple Apple Watches from one iPhone is interesting. Does this mean the company has plans for smartwatch applications and services for teams?


Apple’s whole pitch with Apple Watch positions the product as a cool designer accessory, with one big snag – only one basic shape and two basic sizes are available. Might we see new shapes and new dimensions in Apple Watch 2? Not according to this South Korean report.


Argus Insights analyst, John Feland, speculates Apple may introduce a monthly financing scheme for Apple Watch. Similar to the iPhone Upgrade Program this might help us get a new watch each year while increasing Apple’s $240/year per iPhone user income. And making 9to5Mac readers happy.

Smart bands

Smart bands integrating cell phone SIM cards and/or additional battery life make absolute sense, Wearable believes.

New colors

You know it’s possible.

I look forward to finding out how many of these speculations turn out correct. What do you expect?

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