Q&A: Why Syncsort introduced the mainframe to Hadoop

In an interview with IDGE, Josh Rogers and Lonne Jaffe of Syncsort explain how they plan to transform big iron and traditional data warehouse/analytics

When you think of leaders in big data and analytics, you’d be forgiven for not listing Syncsort among them. But this nearly 50-year-old company, which began selling software for the decidedly unglamorous job of optimizing mainframe sorting, has refashioned itself into a critical conduit by which core corporate data flows into Hadoop and other key big data platforms. Syncsort labels itself "a freedom fighter" liberating data and dollars -- sometimes millions of dollars -- from the stranglehold of big iron and traditional data warehouse/analytics systems.

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Chief Content Officer John Gallant spoke with Josh Rogers, who was named CEO this week, as well as outgoing CEO Lonne Jaffe, who remains as Senior Advisor to Syncsort’s board. Among other topics, the pair talked about why Syncsort was recently acquired by Clearlake Capital Group, and how Syncsort’s close partnership with Splunk is dramatically improving security and application performance management.

IDGE: Lonne, I understand you like good storytelling. What’s the story you tell IT leaders today about Syncsort?

Lonne Jaffe, Syncsort

Lonne Jaffe, Syncsort

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