Wow! Xiaomi Redmi 3: only $107 for huge battery and metal build

“Hope, boys, is a cheap thing, cheap thing”

Xiaomi Redmi 3 release date
Xiaomi, Inc.

The Xiaomi Redmi 3 release date is tomorrow, but for now, it’ll only be available in China. This is an amazing Android smartphone for hardly any money—it comes with a full-metal jacket, enormous battery, fast CPU, and a decent-sounding camera.

At less than $110, it’s a steal. But actually getting hold of one could be impossible.

Yet the design is being criticized for being an iClone—albeit with a diamond patterned finish. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are poachers and they hide behind trees. Not to mention: “Doctor” David Bowie—Timelord...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment, with poetic help from the late Mr. Jones.

We kissed, as though nothing could Fall. Jon Russell leaves this here—Xiaomi’s Sub-$150 Redmi 3 Gets A Full Metal Body And Much Larger Battery:

Xiaomi has announced the Redmi 3.

The five-inch device, which sports a full metal body...goes on sale January 12 for...around $107.

The phablet-sized Redmi Note 3 [also] got the metallic treatment when it was unveiled in December. [But] the Redmi 3 doesn’t have a [fingerprint] scanner. ... It’s certainly an odd move.

[The] larger battery [is] 4100 mAh. ... You can expect an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 616...2GB of RAM, 16GB, a 13-megapixel rear camera and five-megapixel front.

The company has scaled at speed...but growth is slowing down in line with lessening demand in China.

Strung out in Heaven’s high, hitting an all-time low. Aloysius Low, that is—Xiaomi’s Redmi 3 is pretty and cheap, but hard to get:

Xiaomi's latest budget-friendly phone drops plastic for beautiful metal.

Unfortunately, China is where the phone is currently officially limited to, though we expect to eventually see it being sold throughout the rest of Asia and in emerging markets like Brazil.

You can use the second SIM card slot as a microSD card [for] up to 128GB of storage. ... The 13-megapixel rear camera [has] phase detection autofocus, which lets you lock onto your subject in a mere 0.1 seconds.

1,280x720-pixel resolution screen...5.48 by 2.74 by 0.33 inches...5.07 ounces.

They bear the cross of cœur de leon. So here’s Richard “the lionheart” Lai, on heart—In China, $100 already gets you a nice metallic smartphone:

Why yes, here's yet another dirt cheap Chinese smartphone.

It comes with [an] infrared remote feature. ... Alas, there's no love for Quick Charge 2.0 here.

Both cameras support video recording of up to 1080p. ... Folks in China can place their orders...with a color option, silver or gray for the photolithography pattern finish...or just gold without the fancy pattern.

Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow. So Григорий Клюшников has a cow, dude:

As a developer, I hate these insanely cheap Chinese iPhones that, by some coincidence, are capable of running Android apps. I really can't believe their crappy ROMs can pass the CTS.

[The] latest versions of MIUI don't mess up the Material theme and system controls, which is great. But I remember having problems with...custom notifications on these devices. ... I ended up with dark text on dark background.

Try running your app on a Meizu. ... You'll be lucky if it won't crash, and you'll be even more lucky if all the layouts [are] intact.

Wendy’s stealing clothes from unlocked cars. And Michael de Waal-Montgomery worries Xiaomi’s stealing clothes from Apple—Xiaomi’s Redmi 3 is the perfect example of why Apple could retaliate if they enter the U.S.:

Let’s just say that both...the Redmi 3 [and] the 5.5-inch Redmi Note 3...seem to have taken more than a few design cues from the iPhone 6.

Apple, rightly or wrongly, has a history taking Android OEMs to court over perceived similarities to the iPhone.

Looking at the back of the phone, the speaker grill, Mi logo, and diamond pattern are the only things keeping me from mistaking it iPhone 6. It’s really quite blatant. ... Xiaomi wasn’t exactly going for originality in the design of its Mi Pad 2, either.

Its much-delayed flagship...the Mi 5, is due to launch next month. ... Let’s see if the iPhone comparisons continue or stop there.

And Finally...

“Doctor” David Bowie—Timelord
[hat tip: Zoë Goodacre]

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