Intel CES OMG CEO: Krzanich keynote “Experiences over products”

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich literally said, “literally”

Intel CES 2016 Brian Krzanich
Brian Krzanich

Intel kicks off CES 2016 with its keynote, led by its self-styled “unglamorous” CEO, Brian Krzanich. His theme was “Experiences over products,” and there was certainly little talked about in the way of INTC products.

Krzanich did show off what’s possible with Intel’s Curie IoT platform, and teased a collaboration with Lady Gaga. The event closed with the most bonkers version of the Slumdog song Jai Ho that you’ve ever seen.

In the process, he also said happy things about hiring women and minorities, sourcing from conflict zones, and combating trolls. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder what to make of it all. Not to mention: Ayar Rahman, redux...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

What did Krzanich say? Here’s Ingrid Lunden, with Intel Says Its Button-Sized Curie Will Ship In Q1, Costing Under $10:

Curie, Intel’s button-sized wearable hardware module...will begin shipping this quarter and will cost less than $10.

Intel has made something of a tradition of opening the CES show with its keynote and it makes a big effort to place in a lot of news.

[A] collaboration with ESPN will kick off with the X Games in Aspen...where the low power Intel Curie module will be integrated into the...Slopestyle [and] Big Air competitions, where it will...provide real-time data on athlete performance. ... A partnership with New Balance to develop new technology...including a running-focused smart watch, and a partnership with Oakley on a smart eyewear product called “Radar Pace”, which includes a...real-time coaching system.

The Lady Gaga collaboration...will be shown off during the Grammy Awards. ... “You will all literally be blown away,” Krzanich said.

So Gaga—literally—is Madame Curie? [You're literally fired -Ed.] Don Clark radiates news—Intel Shows Next Gen Drones, 3D Printed Sneakers & Lady Gaga at CES:

Krzanich is quick to admit that he does not exude much glamour. But Intel Corp.’s CEO [embraced] the tradition of Consumer Electronics Show glitz in [his] kickoff keynote.

One surprise came in the form of Lady Gaga, who appeared in a video to promote a partnership between Intel and the [RIAA].

Mr. Krzanich...said 43% of the company’s new hires in 2015 [were] women and underrepresented minorities...and Intel met its goal in retaining those workers, too. ... Mr. Kzanich said all Intel products will be “conflict-free” in 2016.

The Indian musician A.R Rahman...led a final performance with a group of players, singers and dancers, some of which used Intel technology to generate sounds by moving their hands.

And Dan Rosenbaum stops to smell the roses. Then he wrote Intel to Ship Curie Development Board (Finally) This Quarter for Less than $10:

The microprocessor giant will finally ship the Curie button-sized development platform...a year after it was first announced.

It’s at the center of the company’s upcoming “America’s Greatest Makers” reality TV show.

Lady Gaga will be doing something or other powered by Curie. ... She said it “will showcase technology through creativity at the highest level.” Whatever that means.

Who, what, where, why? For those questions, we shoot over to Tiernan Ray—Intel’s Krzanich Talks up a ‘Revolution in Drones’:

A standing room only crowd showed an enormous ballroom at the Venetian Hotel...for the opening keynote...given by Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich. [His] third keynote, as pointed out by the MC, the CTA’s Gary Shapiro.

The world [is] becoming full of things that are “smart and connected”...he said. ... “Computing is gaining senses [in] the sensification of computing.” [And] “computing is becoming part of you.”

Cut to a video of drones [turning] on their lights at night in sync to Beethoven’s Ninth. ... Krzanich calls it “completely redefining the fireworks experience.”

He said he wanted the industry as a whole to stand up against online harassment. ... “Behind every online game, every tweet, is a real human being.”

Sounds like an epic PR fest. John Cook and Taylor Soper say so—Intel’s epic CES keynote featured just about everything, from flying drones to a geek fashion show:

Intel’s keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show was certainly epic. Heck, there was even...a concluding technology-fueled concert led by Slum Dog Millionaire composer A.R. Rahman doing a wild rendition of...Jai Ho.

Krzanich led the packed house on the journey, covering plenty of bases. ... Krzanich’s point? Technology is changing everything. ... The entire talk injected a sense of fun and importance into where the technology world is headed.

In Intel’s view, technology is entering a new which “consumers are choosing experiences over products.”

And Finally...

Who is this Ayar Rahman of which you speak?

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