Well, it WAS a hardware issue all right

It's 2001, and this pilot fish is the lead tech at a middle school where one counselor is having issues with his iMac.

"The colors were off and the CRT screen looked 'warped,'" fish says. "Our newly hired Mac tech was quick to respond and spent over an hour trying to adjust color and display geometry settings, but could not get it to work properly.

"The tech spent more time updating and changing drivers, but finally reported back to me that it was a hardware issue and we needed to replace the iMac.

"I advised the tech that our spares were currently out and the counselor would have to wait until one became available. The counselor was OK for now because the iMac was still usable.

"Two weeks went by and I happened to be closing a ticket in the next cubicle over. The same counselor came over and insisted that I take a look at his iMac. To appease him, I sat down at his computer and spent a minute or two checking display settings. All settings looked normal.

"I then asked the counselor if he'd gotten any new speakers or anything magnetic recently.

"He proudly reached for a powerful rare earth magnet that he received as a gift. The magnet was attached to a whiteboard that was behind his iMac.

"He handed it to me and voila! The screen suddenly looked normal with only a tinge of green.

"I advised him that normal degaussing when he turned on the computer every day would get rid of the slight color tinge over time.

"He couldn't stop laughing at the solution."

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