iPhone 7 rumors: Apple goes waterproof, stripe-free, earlier release date

Tim “Sweet Brown” Cook denies everything, so keep buying those 6S devices

iPhone 7 rumors release date
Apple, Inc.

These iPhone 7 rumors are unquenchable, despite Apple’s traditional secrecy. As well as whispers about an earlier release date, we hear that the new shiny will be waterproof and will lose the oh-so-ugly antenna stripes.

Not only that, but there’s also a resurgence in the feeling that Apple will delete the headphone jack. And that will likely force you to pay more for accessories.

This time, we have supply-chain sources in China to thank for speeding up the news day. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers shave with Mr. Occam’s lex parsimoniæ. [You’re fired -Ed.]

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

It’s time for the Chinese rumor mill to grind another bag of corn. 任珮云 is lost in translation, in 《外資》大和證:IPHONE明年H1底部撈魚、H2鯉躍龍門,首選4美:

iPhone shipments in Q1 next year 1Q has a conservative bias.

iPhone 4Q shipments this year are in line with expectations, but for the first quarter [have] been revised down. ... The main reason causing the shipments to be revised are:
1. global uncertainties
2. demand is more sluggish than expected, especially for the iPhone 6S / 6S+
3. unfavorable foreign exchange, particularly in emerging markets 

But demand in the second half has an optimistic bias. Mainly due to the shape and the size of the new, upgraded iPhone. For example, dual-lens, 3D touch, improved acoustics, CPU, and waterproof features.

OK, but we're most interested in the iPhone 7 rumors. Mitchel Broussard unpicks them—'iPhone 7' Waterproof Rumors Persist Amid Claims of Hidden Antenna Bands:

The report...mentioned the continuing rumor that the iPhone 7 may be a completely waterproof device [and] "new compound materials"...suggesting the possible removal of the bands from the back of the...iPhone.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be a big step-up...in terms of design and functionality. ... Another rumor suggested Apple could be phasing out the 3.5mm headphone jack.

His geography is suspect, but Gordon Kelly has interesting commentary. Here he is, with New iPhone 7 Details Reveal 3 Radical Design Changes:

Korea’s Commercial Times reports a trio of exciting changes.

It seems the smoke will indeed lead to fire: Apple [will] make the iPhone 7 completely waterproof. ... Just imagine the opportunity for underwater photography in Apple’s marketing.

[The] antenna ‘stripes’ of plastic which band around its iPhones [are] a compromise forced upon aluminium body smartphones. [But] the stripes will become a thing of the past finally leading to a uniform finish.

[How?] In June 2015 Apple was granted a patent for ‘Non-capacitive or radio-frequency-transparent materials with anodized metal appearance.’ ... Apple notes the material’s finish has “an imitation metal oxide layer”...I suspect ‘Scratchgate’ could become a thing.

I’d be strongly inclined to be optimistic on all three happening.

Yes, yes, but what about the release date? Val Powell offers iPhone 7 Rumors Pour In:

In the last five years, Apple has released its new iPhones either in September or October.

However, for the iPhone 7, some reports claim that the upcoming device will be launched in the summer of 2016.

A third iPhone could be launched...dubbed the iPhone 6c...said to be a much cheaper option, potentially using...colored plastic casings.

And, of course, with a new iPhone comes a new iOS. But beware, if you’re still using an iPhone 5. Mikey Campbell soups up the story, in Lawsuit seeks more than $5M from Apple for slowing older iPhones with iOS 9 upgrade:

[The] plaintiff...asserts Apple engaged in deceptive trade practices and false advertisement by touting iOS 9 as compatible with [the] iPhone 4s.

The class, which includes more than 100 members, asserts iOS 9 bogged down...devices to the point of being unfit for daily use. ... Owners were forced to choose between an inoperable device or spending hundreds of dollars on a new [iPhone].

Plaintiffs are seeking over $5 million in damages with an option to treble.

New York District Court Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr. is presiding.

Yikes. What can you do? Here’s what Altis did:

Just reverted my iPhone 4S back to iOS 6. ... It's one of the few devices that can do it (via jailbreak) and it's absolutely amazing how well it performs now.

At navigating the OS, it's faster than my iPhone 6.

The updating business is my biggest complaint about Apple.

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