FCC outs Google Glass Enterprise Edition: Glassholes celebrate

But hopefully we’ve seen the end of Scoble in the shower
[You’re fired -Ed.]

Yep, Google Glass is alive—it was just “resting,” not pushing up the daisies, nor running down the curtain to join the choir invisible. But this time, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be aimed at business uses of the weirdo wearable, rather than the fabled “Glassholes” of yore. Beautiful plumage.

The extremely clean Robert Scoble will no doubt be happy to hear that the new version is waterproof. It’s also foldable, with many other improvements.

But consumers can’t buy it from Google. So what of the mythical Project Aura?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are fed up of seeing Scoble’s flesh. Not to mention: Adele as you’ve never heard her before...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.
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Did someone say “flesh”? Stephen Hall effects This is Google Glass: Enterprise Edition in the flesh:

Google’s next move for Glass is clearly into the enterprise, and the device...has improved internal hardware, and a new look built around a [foldable] button-and-hinge system.

The device has a more robust build, a larger prism...and is built to withstand bumps and bruises. [It] is waterproof and closed-off, to protect it from debris.

[It] is planned to be only distributed through the Glass for Work startups. ... It’s not likely that Google will be selling this device to consumers.

While these images are finally live on the FCC website...Google has yet to officially acknowledge its existence.

Wait, what do the Feds have to do with this? Dan Rosenbaum gets inside the story, in Google Glass for Enterprise Hits the FCC:

All electronic devices in the United States need approval from the FCC before they hit the market. ... Google has filed an application for Glass for Enterprise.

The FCC filing is still mostly safe from prying eyes — the manual isn’t publicly accessible, nor are details of the technical testing — but there are photos.

Paul Thurrott calls Hall’s organ “the saddest blog on the Internet.” He scribbles It’s baaaaaack: New images of Google Glass emerge:

Just when you thought that Google’s creepiest product ever had bit the dust, it turns out it’s just been waiting on a sequel. 


Britain expects every blogger to do their duty. Nick Farrell, for one—Google shows off new glass:

We expect that it will have a speedier Atom processor, better battery life, and improved...5GHz WiFi.

The new chip means better heat management.

There’s still no word on when Google will announce this headset.

Anything else? Rock me, Ron Amadeo—New Google Glass model hits the FCC website:

Google Glass is not dead.

There have also been reports of a mysterious Google Glass reboot and a rename to "Project Aura." We'll guess...Aura isn't what is pictured...and that work on a consumer version is still ongoing.

The last we publicly heard of Glass was that it had been "reset" under the watchful eye of Nest's Tony Fadell.

Meanwhile, stop asking who would buy it. Instead, ask who would sell it. Here’s Dr Strange:

I could easily sell this as a $2000+ upgrade on scanning/imaging systems if they make it available with the right tools and it isn’t tied to some ad related data gathering ****.

Update 1: So what about the elephant in the room? Here’s Alec Dacyczyn:

The eye tracking camera is still pointed the wrong way; so the user still has to annoy everyone around them by using their voice to control it.

And having a camera that points out the front will still creep people out. How will anyone know you haven't disabled or blocked the green indicator light?

I may be in the market for an always-present information delivery device. But I'm not interested in an always-present photography device that I wear on my head.

Update 2: What about some comment from a Glass user? Here’s DustAngel:

It’s just as pointless as everyone says.

I mean they do THINGS... but nothing that doesn’t warrant pulling out your smartphone.

It’s a novel product with many potential (and practical) uses...Google just half-assed it.

As far as the privacy concerns...stop bitching. If someone is going to spy or pry into your personal life, they’ll do it with or without a relatively ****ty camera on their face.

And Finally...

Hello, Bromance
[Adele as you’ve never heard her before—probably as you hope never to hear her again]

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