Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored: 3 sizes, iris scanner, magnesium, panic!

Dongjin Koh invites everyone to talk about his new shiny. But is he fiddling while Seoul burns?

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors are swirling—as if blowflies near warm meat. Our S. Korean chums wish upon a new set of flagship phones to reverse Samsung’s flagging fortunes.

In this week’s Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup, we hear it may (or may not) include an iris scanner, that it may (or may not) be made of magnesium alloy. And that it may (or may not) come in three sizes.

Oh, and that the company may (or may not) be paralyzed with infighting, duplication, and NIH. However, Samsung Pay is getting a PayPal-competing online arm. Which is nice.

In IT Blogwatch, idiots wonder if their sound and fury signify anything. Not to mention: What Happens When You Get Struck By Lightning...

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Shiny news! The mysterious “Nick T.” offers Magnesium vs aluminum, or why a Samsung Galaxy S7 made of magnesium would be awesome:

Among the plethora of Galaxy S7 rumors that have accumulated is [that] instead of aluminum, a magnesium alloy will be used for the handset's exterior frame [and] internal structure. This...would be pretty awesome.

The chassis of some premium laptops, digital cameras...components inside airplanes, rockets, high-performance cars, and other machines where weight reduction is of importance...are made of magnesium alloy.

The frame of the Galaxy S6, for instance, is made of 6013-grade aluminum alloy, which has a density of...0.0979 lb/in³. ... In comparison, magnesium alloys have densities of about...0.065 lb/in³. [So] magnesium alloys are about 33% lighter [yet] just as strong and durable.

[But] a rumor is just a rumor and should be treated as such, especially when we have no...evidence to support it.

Yes, wise words indeed. A suggestion to which Christopher Morris gives some lip^H finger service—Samsung Could Build Galaxy S7 From Magnesium:

As Samsung plans for an early 2016 Galaxy S7 release, it is inevitable that leaks and speculation will intensify.

Will Samsung actually include magnesium alloys in the Galaxy S7? ... The suggestion should be treated as very much a rumor. [But it’s] perfectly plausible.

The Microsoft Surface tablets, the OnePlus 2, and the Oppo R1 all have bodies made of magnesium alloy.

Time to lose a Polish rumor in translation. Here’s Łukasz Pająk, with Samsung Galaxy S7 z pewnością nie będzie tani, ale pojawi się wyjątkowy sposób blokady:

It turns out that the Koreans are preparing a truly new innovation.

The successor to the Galaxy S6 will [have] an iris scanner.

Who’s picking up the ball and running with that rumor? Adnan Farooqui, for one—Iris Scanner Rumored For Galaxy S7:

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S7 at the Mobile World Congress 2016.

The latest rumor suggests [it] is going to be a bit more expensive...but it’s going to make up for that price hike with an iris scanner.

Rumor has it that the entire Galaxy S7 lineup is going to feature an iris scanner...including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge Plus and Galaxy S7 Plus.

The iris scanner will pretty much do what the fingerprint scanner does...but users will only need to glance at their device once to unlock it.

However, Jeremy Wagstaff and Se Young Lee experience culture shock—Samsung's mobile woes rooted in hardware legacy:

Serving and former executives and those who have dealt with the company [say it’s] culture...has stymied many previous efforts to develop software and service platforms to support the smartphone business.

Without its own distinctive software, content and services, Samsung has little to differentiate itself. ... Samsung Pay, and...SmartThings...may not be enough.

Interviews with former and serving employees paint a picture of confusion and overlap [with] many examples of the low priority...placed on software, which was treated as little more than a marketing tool.

Update 1: Unsrurprisingly, there are two different sizes rumored. Here are Kunil Yun and Changwook Kim-Galaxy S7 to Come Out in 2 Different Forms:

Samsung Electronics is going to release Galaxy S7 in 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch [or] ‘HERO1’ and ‘HERO2’ projects.

It is important for Samsung Electronics to increase sales volume of strengthen its profitability.

It is heard that size of initial production will be about 5 million. ... It is known that Samsung Electronics will try to sell about 400 million phones in 2016.

A [spokesperson] said that no specifications nor business plans regarding new products can be told.

Update 2: Perhaps Samsung has an Ace up its sleeve? If Catherine “Cinders” Shu fits-Samsung Pay Will Launch Online Payments In the U.S.:

Users will be able to make purchases on websites...which puts it into more direct competition with services like Paypal.

The payment platform...has an advantage over competitors because it can emulate magnetic stripe cards thanks to Samsung’s acquisition of LoopPay, in addition to using Apple Pay.

Samsung global co-general manager Thomas that Samsung Pay is already the most widely accepted mobile payments system in the U.S.

Update: But are we sure two sizes are enough? Peter Bonov comes up with this breathless “exclusive”-Samsung Galaxy S7 to come in three sizes, 5.1'', 5.5'' and 6'':

The base Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a flat 5.1" screen. ... The Galaxy S7 Edge will have a bigger 5.5" screen. ... The big-screened device, the Galaxy S7+, will have a 6" screen and will be the only one to have two screen options.

[So] your main choice will be screen size – small, medium, large. The medium and large versions will come with a curved screen.

And Finally...

What Happens When You Get Struck By Lightning

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