In this iPhone 6c rumor, China Mobile tips Apple April 2016 release date

What was it Steve Jobs said about screens that are too big for one hand?

iPhone 6c rumor
Apple, Inc.

Apple is to launch a 4-inch iPhone 6c early next year, and the release date will be in April 2016. That’s according to Asian carrier, China Mobile—wait, are you serious?

A Chinese translation of a fuzzy photo of a busy PowerPoint slide implies Apple will break pattern and launch a low-end, smaller iPhone soon. But this all seems a bit of a stretch, even for the usual roster of Apple rumor-mongers.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers pick over the bones. Not to mention: This iPhone has enough energy to blow your head off...

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Here we go again, folks. Neil “before Zod” Hughes is one of many who bring us Apple's 4-inch 'iPhone 6c' set for April 2016 launch, China Mobile claims:

A presentation from China Mobile...mentions a new Apple handset launching in April of 2016.

The so-called "iPhone 6c," has been the subject of numerous rumors in recent weeks. ... Apple is believed to be working on a...4-inch model with an A9 processor and Apple Pay support...replacing the iPhone 5s at the $449 price range...but will sport a metal chassis.

The rumor was probably first reported by Ankur Sharma. He churns up with Apple iPhone 7C to be released in April 2016 according to China Mobile:

Seems like China Mobile has already confirmed (via 163) that the rumoured iPhone 7C will be coming.

In terms of specs, there is nothing solid yet. It is expected to [have] a 4-inch display [at] 1136 × 640.

I should have written iPhone 6C instead of iPhone 7C...since the iPhone 7 lineup is still 8-10 months...away.

Here’s the horse’s mouth—雪花 is lost in translation. But it’s pretty thin stuff, frankly:

If you’re expecting a new iPhone with a 4-inch screen, it has really come.

China Mobile’s new PowerPoint slide [says] in April next year Apple will release [a] new machine. ... What it could be?

Oh. Is that what all the fuss is about? But when has that ever dampened Ewan Spence’s enthusiasm? New iPhone Leak Guarantees Apple Will Disappoint You:

Another day...another indication that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 6C in the first half of 2016.

Apple is already in a situation of “damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t.”

Tim Cook’s Apple is going to disappoint a lot of people...and damage Apple’s brand image.

With so much of the brand built around lust and luxury, and the business plan relying on high margins...I cannot see Tim Cook countenancing a change.

Sheesh. It’s at times like this we turn to Yoni Heisler. He has Leaked roadmap points to new 4-inch iPhone in April:

Earlier this month, you might remember a rumor suggesting that Apple may be planning to hold a special media event this March.

Apple will reportedly showcase a new 4-inch iPhone...prematurely dubbed the iPhone 6c.

The rumored device...will be something of a souped up iPhone 5s [and] will not come with support for 3D Touch. [It] will be made out of aluminum.

But forget the low-end nature for a sec. What about the screen size? .max obliges us with his thoughts:

I'd switch from my iPhone 6 to this one in a heartbeat.

[My] iPhone 6...frustrates me. Even after a year of daily usage it's still awkward to use with one hand.

I can feel it in my pocket when walking upstairs or sitting down. ... Makes me regret upgrading - Every - Single - Time. ... 5S had perfect size for me.

Meanwhile, Ron N. Taylor thinks something doesn’t add up. I think this report is a stretch:

I think China Mobile is reporting for expectations [but] I doubt they'd be this reckless and I seriously doubt Apple would give this much heads up to a partner.

And Finally...

This iPhone has enough energy to blow your head clean off
[40 times over]

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