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This VIP user likes to order products he never finds time to learn to use, says an IT pilot fish who has to provide support for him.

"One day I discovered he ordered one of those business card scanners that they used to advertise in airline in-flight magazines," fish says. "He wanted me to set it up for him on his PC.

"This was back before USB, so setup involved installing a serial card, setting jumpers, configuring the driver and getting it all to play nicely with the poorly implemented software that came with the device. It took me most of a day of messing with it while he was gone to finally get it to function at all.

"I had been testing the scanner with a random salesperson's business card that I found on his desk. When I was all done, I left that card in the input tray of the scanner to show how it was to be inserted in the machine.

"Months later, I came back to swap in a new computer while he was out of the office. I wasn't looking forward to repeating the setup process on the scanner.

"However, upon unhooking the scanner from the old machine, I saw the same business card exactly where I had left it on the scanner. Picking it up, I noticed the layer of dust that had accumulated on the scanner, except under the card. It hadn't been used even once. So I didn't bother to hook it up to the new machine.

"Two years of no complaints later, I removed the device altogether during the next upgrade, which the scanner was no longer compatible with."

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