Talko -- Microsoft's latest aqui-hire is Ray Ozzie's, to beef up Skype team

Déjà vu much? But Ozzie isn’t along for the ride this time.

Microsoft buys Talko, Ray Ozzie’s latest failed startup. Nobody’s really saying why Redmond bought it, but it’s not for the microscopic installed base.

Talko is a group collaboration service, based around videoconferencing. Sounds a lot like Skype, except with far fewer users.

Perhaps there’s some technological secret sauce, but nobody can point to any. In other words, Microsoft probably did it to hire the talent, based in Boston, Seattle and San Francisco. They’ll be put to work on Skype and/or Skype for Business (née Lync).

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers keep talking happy Talko.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Well, you got to have a dream. Barb Darrow seizes an acute angle—Microsoft Buys Another Ray Ozzie Company:

Every decade or so Microsoft seems to feel the need to buy a Ray Ozzie company.

Ten years ago Microsoft bought Groove Networks. ... Some of the startup’s technology ended up in SharePoint and...OneDrive. But the speculation was always that Groove was an snag a set software-development stars.

Ozzie [said] he will not re-join Microsoft, but the rest of Talko...will.

Ozzie gained fame via Lotus Notes.

But how you gonna have a dream come true? Here’s Sarah Perez—Microsoft Buys Ray Ozzie’s Communications Startup Talko, Team Will Join Skype:

Talko employees will now join Skype, while Talko itself is being shut down.

Talko launched in September 2014 [with] a service that aimed to replace your usual conference line with VoIP. ... The app recorded the live conversations, [letting you] create bookmarks...tag users, and even add...voice-based follow ups.

Neither company clarified what Talko features, specifically, will be introduced into Skype.

Talko ’bout the moon, floating in the sky. Ozzie’s PR flacks flick—Talko's now part of Skype:

We’ve loved the many conversations we've had with you as the product has evolved. You've told us how wonderful and effective it's been.

However, as engaged as many of you have been, the reality is that...Talko was largely on the path to filling a...niche.

As part of the Skype team, we'll leverage Talko’s technology and the many things we’ve deliver the best of our product’s innovations far more broadly.

Talko ’bout a bird, learning how to fly. Iain Thomson tweets—Talko the devil and he shall appear:

Ozzie quit Microsoft five years ago – but Redmond just won’t let its former CTO go.

Talko, originally called Cocomo [is] a perfect fit for Skype.

[But] Ozzie won’t be going back. ... That's not altogether surprising, given the rancorous end [as] Ozzie was forced out of the company...amid tales of corporate backstabbing and turf wars within Redmond.

Happy Talko. Keep talking happy Talko, Brad Sams —2015 Was A Record Year For Microsoft Acquisitions:

During 2015, Microsoft went on a buying spree.

Microsoft acquired 20 different companies...this year...the highest volume of acquisitions since its inception.

A contributing its stock price. The company’s shares are [at] a price the stock has not seen since the late 90s.

It will be interesting to see if the company continues this trend into 2016.

And Finally...

Golly, baby. I’m a lucky cuss.

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