9 gifts iPhone users will love you for, (2015 edition)

Everything is connected, or going to be...

There’s more to life than novelty cases, so why not take a look at this short selection of interesting gifts for the iPhone (or iPad) user in your life.

watch Apple

Apple Watch

The hottest gift this season according to IBM Watson Trend, Apple Watch is your map, translator, wallet and so much more, all it takes is an app. Available in Sport, Watch and Edition versions with an array of straps it’s worth shopping around as some retailers are offering discounts this season. Be warned – there’s some expectation Apple will introduce a new model in March 2016, but I suspect second hand editions will be popular. More info.

smarter Smarter

Smarter Coffee

Looking for something for the kitchen? Introducing UK firm Smarter's iOS-happy Wi-Fi Coffee Machine, which prepares your coffee for when you need it after a tap of the companion app. Introduced at CES at the beginning of the year you’ll find a little more about it right here.

foot Adidas

Adidas miCoach SMART BALL football

Who says all people do these days is sit around on public transport avoiding eye contact while staring at their phone? This smart football from Adidas lets you avoid eye contact while playing football, too. Built-in sensors monitor your technique, giving instant feedback on power, spin, strike and trajectory alongside hints and tips to help improve your game. Kick off a new season here.

dji Dpi

iDj Inspire 1 Drone

If you’re not buying an Apple Watch you may be about to invest in a drone this season, so why not get one of the best ones before the government demands you register as a pilot? This model offers 4K video recording and 360-degree camera rotation, a great operating range and lets you control the system and edit captured video from your iPhone. It’s not the cheapest UAV around, but it is among the best in its class. More information here.

Power Tube 3000

MiPow’s Power Tube 3000 is a great power backup solution if you just want something to carry with you. The small device is controlled and monitored using an accompanying JuiceSync Power Monitor app which watches battery capacity and more. Available in a range of colors this gadget weighs just 85g, and carries enough juice to keep your iPhone working for a few more precious hours. More info.

withings Withings

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Looking for a gift that shows how much you care? Why not think about something from Withings’ extensive range of iOS-compatible kit. This device lets user’s accurately monitor heart rate and blood pressure from their iOS device to medically-accepted reporting standards that can easily be shared with health professionals. More info here.

Elgato eve room

Dedicated Apple accessory developer, Elgato, is developing a range of interesting connected home solutions. The “eve room” device monitors air quality, temperature and humidity and lets you check this information using the supplied iOS app (even using Siri). The eve energy device gives you iOS control over electrical devices (switch on/off) and lets you track energy consumption. Find out more.

olloclip Olloclip

Ollo Clip 4-in-1 lens

The Ollo Clip remains one of my favorite iPhone accessories. Essentially it’s a collection of lenses designed to fit snugly to the lens on your iPhone. Four lenses are included, including fisheye, wide angle, 10x and 15x Macro lenses. You can switch between lenses fast and they work on both the front and rear-facing cameras. More here – take care to buy the right set for the iPhone.

Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor

What’s not to love about Wahoo’s extensive range of iOS-compatible fitness accessories? This one attaches itself to your bike to gather speed and cadence data which it then shares with your iPhone for use by your choice of cycling app, including Cyclemeter and Strava. More info is available here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short selection of iOS-compatible toys. Have you come across any other iOS-compatible gadgets you’d like to tell us about? Please do so in comments below.

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