QlikView vs. Tableau: BI users debate the importance of pretty charts

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QlikView and Tableau are both viewed as worthy software tools for business intelligence (BI). So the decision for IT buyers may come down to whether it's more important for the organization to have user-friendly charting or advanced data applications, according to online reviews from BI software users in the IT Central Station community.

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The BI expert at a large travel company put it this way: "If you want to drop a tool in front of the business users that they can jump into, explore, drag and drop, and create good visualizations on the fly, Tableau is likely the better bet. If you plan to have some IT involvement... some level of data modeling ... and design/integration control, then QlikView may be the way to go, as I feel QlikView is better for creating a packaged, polished BI product."

Other enterprise BI users at IT Central Station agreed that Tableau is extraordinarily easy for non-technical users and produces better charts, but QlikView has proponents, too, and the two products were judged equals when it comes to creating data dashboards.

The most important buying criteria for BI tools are scalability and performance, usability, and ease of development, according to software users at IT Central Station, which hosts user reviews and product comparison guides.

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