Review: Password managers help keep hackers at bay

LastPass, Keeper top the field in test of 10 password managers.

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In 2013, we reviewed six password managers, some suitable for enterprises and some primarily for consumers. The field has exploded and today there are more than two dozen products on the market. Even the popular TV show “Shark Tank” recently evaluated a password manager startup.

But this level of activity doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. We found that some of the products we reviewed two years ago haven’t improved as much as they could have. And some of the newer products are still a work in progress.

Password managers are an important first step for organizations that want to strengthen their security by helping users cope with multiple logins. While browsers have gotten more intelligent about storing passwords and synchronizing them across different platforms, you might want to have more control over the way your users manage passwords, which is where these tools come into play. Password managers are often seen as a less expensive and easier to implement solution than single sign-on products, which we’ve also reviewed.

In this review, we looked at 10 tools: Dashlane for Business, Keeper Security Enterprise, LastPass Enterprise (now part of LogMeIn), Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager, LogMeOnce Enterprise Edition, Manage Engine Password Pro, Agilebits1Password for Teams, StickyPassword, SplashID TeamsID, and SingleID. (Manage Engine is a subsidiary of Zoho, which has a separate SaaS-based password product called Vault. We didn’t test it because it’s more consumer-oriented.)

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