11 3D Touch apps to install today

These 3D Touch apps are great illustrations of the UI for your new iPhone.

Apple’s 3D Touch is an important step forward in mobile user interfaces. If you use an iPhone 6S, you see it in action when you press a name in Contacts to see the available ways to get in touch with them appear. The following apps also support the feature;  explore them today.

Workflow, www.workflow.is

This useful app already lets you create workflows designed to help you get things done. It does this by connecting apps and actions together in a series you can trigger just by selecting the required workflow. 3D Touch lets you access and launch workflows from application shortcuts on the Home screen and also lets you access editing and other useful Workflow tools. Apple Watch app also available. $3.99

Camera+, www.campl.us

Camera+ makes your iPhone’s camera even better, introducing separate exposure and focus controls, improved shooting modes, a nice grid to help improve composition and tweaking the digital zoom. It’s a great app for iPhoneographers. Quick Actions made available thanks to this app’s 3D Touch support include: take photo, take selfie, take macro, and view lightbox. $2.99.

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Dropbox, www.dropbox.com

I’m convinced most people make use of Dropbox so the online file sync, storage and sharing service shouldn’t need much introduction. 3D Touch support makes it possible to quickly access recently actioned files, upload images and search for files. You can also Peek inside files and folders. (Free).

Twitter, www.twitter.com

Twitter is addictive. The more you make use of it the more you wish to make use of it. 3D Touch support consists of a Quick Actions menu that lets you create new messages, Tweets or search for specific topics. (Free).

Facebook, www.facebook.com

Facebook has got in on the 3D Touch action, offering Take Photo/Video; Upload Photo/Video and Write Post Quick Actions options you can quickly access from the Home screen. (Free).

Shazam, www.shazam.com

Music discovery app Shazam is already the de facto standard for recognizing tracks on the go, so anything that speeds the process up has to help. 3D Touch saves seconds by letting you enable or disable Auto Shazam, identify a track and use the new Visual Shazam tool to identify things like QR Codes or items carrying a Shazam camera logo. (Free).

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CityMapper, www.citymapper.com

I often mention CityMapper as one of the very best apps for travelers. 3D Touch means you can get the app to guide you to where you are going with a simple tap on the icon on the Home screen, then using the Go Home or Go Somewhere commands that appear. Free.

Wunderlist, www.wunderlist.com

This award-winning task management app offers a bunch of features, including list sharing, built-in reminders and alarms and collaborative tools so you can work as a team to get things done. Available on every major platform (mobile and computer), this is a good, widely accessible solution. On iPhone 6, 3D Touch Peek, Pops and Quick Actions let you quickly review imminent project deadlines and create new tasks. Apple Watch version also available. (Free, in-app purchases).

OmniFocus 2, www.theomnigroup.com

A second award-winning task management and productivity app, OmniFocus 2, is an essential solution for deep productivity. 3D Touch features let you create new items, access the home screen or the last item you looked at and to quickly review the Today view. These are dynamic shortcuts, so you need to have launched the app at least once for them to function. Apple Watch app also available, $39.99.

Scanner Pro, www.readdle.com

Readdle’s handy app turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner. The latest edition supports all iOS 9’s powerful features, and adds Peek and Pop support for 3D Touch. This lets you peek inside files and folders to find the right one, and lets you take additional actions such as uploading to the cloyd or emailing the document. $2.99.

Flickr, www.flickr.com

The image sharing app gains a handy contextual 3D Touch Quick Actions menu that lets you take photos, check your news feed, monitor notifications and search for images directly from your home screen. Free.

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