IT Resume Makeover: How to cut through the technical noise

Allen Bocian's resume was packed with skills, experience and knowledge, but his overall message was getting lost. Here's how Regal Resumes' Caitlin Sampson helped him focus his story.

Resume Makeover

Allen Bocian is the kind of guy who likes to let his experience speak for itself. The problem was there was so much to say that the pertinent message about his skills and knowledge was getting lost, and potential employers stopped listening.

"My resume had lots of information. I'm a technical guy, but trying to cram eight million pieces of information into the document was hard. If you're not a technical person, it was hard to read, and nothing really stood out, so it was hard to sell myself even with all the experience and tech knowledge I had," Bocian says.

Caitlin Sampson, professional resume writer and career consultant with Regal Resumes agreed that Bocian had the technical chops, but needed help crafting his years of experience and extensive knowledge into a much better story.

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